Jobs for Index future charting?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by jy22, Sep 16, 2012.

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    I am an electronic engineer in SF bay area with good talent on charting. My way of chart analysis has been showing that I can get almost exact low points on different time frames with high successful rates.

    Could someone tell me that if there's any job position for me to use my chart analysis skill working for good traders or firms? By the way, I am not looking for a trader position.

    Thanks a lot!

  2. There are hundreds of people on the web who provide great charting. So, the question boils down to couple of things. What is your win/loss in predicting the future ( next day, next week, next month etc. since you say that you can do it on any timeframe); secondly, are you different from the numerous others who use mean reversion techniques for prediction.

    As a former high tech professional, who has spent years studying financial markets, i can tell you that you will make more money in SF bay with lower risk of job loss, compared to wall street. I dont understand why you are looking for a charting job which is deadend.
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    Why not scrape together $10,000 and trade one lot of ES using your strategy? That way, you can a) earn some income to supplement your day job; and b) build up a track record to show trading firms.

    Anyone can make backtests or "hypothetical" situations look good. Verified actual real-money results are what matters.
  4. If he can't make money by trading on his own using his chart methodology then hes shooting blanks and no one will give him the time of day.....end of story.
  5. You need to develop a "business ownership" mentality and not reinforce an employee's mentality. :cool:
  6. Why 10k? Global futures NAND AMP allow 1k opening balance. Lose 500 of that and clearly your chart reading isn't accurate. No need to waste 10k.
  7. It'll be the quickest 1k to fly away from his pocket he'll think hes been pick pocketed...
  8. Daring


    If you can do what you claim you would trade instead of looking for a job.

    If you lack funding, prove it, and the funds shall come.
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    Do you mean the low point in forming in real time, or after the low point has been formed? I saw many systems/indicators that would show the exact low point, but only after a couple bars that passed that low point. There are some other systems that would print a dot at the low point predicted, then the dot would disappear when the next bar shooting up higher or descending further . Reliable low point(lowest point) is only valid when reversal is confirmed.