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  1. Statement: "Trading is a great job.."

    Let me rephrase that: "Trading is a great job, *if* you are making the kind of money you expect to make."

    I was thinking of alternatives:

    Which types of jobs are out there which compare to trading, in the sense of;
    -intelectual satisfaction

    Initial brainstorm: High level salesman. Businessowner..

    What do you think?
  2. If you are good at it then nothing can compare with it except playing piano in a whore house.:D
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    programming, but not IT corporate programming
  4. Grandmaster Chess Player
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    Trading for me is like standing at a conveyor belt on which apples pass by and my job is to pick every apple that fits a set of visual criteria designed to segregate apples that are very likely to be labeled Grade A Extra Fancy.

    During my training for this job I had to look at many Grade A Extra Fancy apples, and memorize their visual patterns (size, color, and condition of the peel) so I could recognize these particular apples. I then had to practice identifying these particular apples from a pile of apples spread out on a table. Finally, I had to practice identifying these particular apples from among many, many apples passing me by on the conveyor belt, quickly grabbing them and placing them in a container nearby.

    I can now identify these apples quickly from the many apples on the belt and I'm able to snare the majority of them as they pass.

    The apples I select meet the visual criteria I was told result in a majority of Grade A Extra Fancy apples.

    However, these selected apples have to pass a final test in which they are scanned for defects not apparent to the naked eye.

    Several of them fail this test and don't make the grade.

    But far more of them pass the final test than fail.

    This is my job day after day, not very exciting, but it generates a steady paycheck.
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    like any job,start green ,work hard,apply yourself ,improve continiuosly,prosper
  7. every other job out there that Isn't trading is comparable to trading, otherwise Every-
    one would be a trader

    many people rate domestic / world travel highly which is available to self-employed
    traders but few other occupations

    I like the idea of property development / renovating / flipping
    then there's real estate sales, although both of these require being located in a city
    r e sales commission is usually 4% and on a $500,000 sale is $20,000
    and could be included is being a landlord

    then there's being a fighter pilot
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    Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Made my day!!!
  9. I want some of NoDoji's apples.
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    One of the best posts I've read on elite in 5 years...well said...bravo!
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