jobs being lost at an unprecedent rate

Discussion in 'Economics' started by sobemark, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Ribs


    Jesus :eek:

    and you know what they say

    Don't try to catch a falling knife

  2. It's only begun.

    This isn't rocket science. When you hear someone say things are going to stabilize, let alone reverse course, ask them where the replacement jobs will come from.

    If they start babbling about windmills and solar panels, laugh audibly as you walk away.
  3. But the great Obama is going to save us all with his spending package!
  4. Lucrum


    And if that don't work, well he can always read a good teleprompter speech.

    To calm the masses.
  5. Mercor


    Watching Obama getting angry this week during his speeches was very uncomfortable.

    He become smartass like, kinda whinny. he really needs to work on his public anger mode