Jobs: .63% owner of apple?

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  1. I have heard that Jobs gets paid through options based on his performance and only takes a symbolic payment of 1 usd per year. But according to this post on BW he currently only owns .63% of the shares of the company? Would this imply he is getting paid in some other non-standard way? If these numbers are accurate, then it may be true that Jobs really doesn't care about the money afterall. A despotic tech manager who really is into for the art of design. Hats off to you Jobs, you are a curious being =)
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    um...thats still nearly a billion dollars worth of stock. I dont know what you are trying to say. He also has more options currently that have not been exercised. Maybe he is being paid in "some non-standard way," possibly McChickens or double cheeseburgers?

  3. I am trying to say that as the founder and second time ceo he owns an unsually small part of the company.
  4. He's being paid with iPhones and selling them on eBay. LOL.
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    Lifetime supply of black jeans and t shirts.
  6. You mean blue jeans and black turtleneck :D

  7. Steve Jobs has more money than a person can spend in a lefetime. He obviously enjoys what he does, his position, lifestyle, and the personal satisfaction it provides. Money isn't everything (when you already have an armoured car full)

    Besides, he gets to play with all his Tech Titan Buddies.
  8. One should not confuse not paid in dollars with not paid!
    If he is paid an equivalent to a regular compensation in non-dollars, then the man is getting a 50% pay raise! Why? A non-cash compensation is not taxable now (with 33% tax bracket, he is getting 50% more of spendable money. Uncle sam gets shafted, and all tax payers gets small shafts as well). So a man can delay taxes forever, and then pass things to a foundation (under his name) in the future. Even a rich man does not ignore money! I woould not blame him if he is doing it, as I believe such concept is not illlegal.

  9. If Steven Jobs takes salary he pays taxes. He gets options, hence no income tax, till he exercises them and sells stock, which is longterm capital gains at 15% max! Those taxes won't be due unless he sells some maybe years from now, YES?

    BTW Steven Jobs is worth 5.2 billion dollars according to Forbes and that is twice that Donald Trump.
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