Jobless claims plunges to 4 year low. How convenient.

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  1. By Doug Palmer

    WASHINGTON | Thu Oct 11, 2012 12:59pm EDT
    (Reuters) - The number of Americans filing new claims for jobless benefits slid last week to the lowest level in more than four and a half years, according to government data that may provide a boost to President Barack Obama a month before voters go to the polls.

    Everything is fantastic in Obamaland.......:D
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    One large state didn't report all their data. The Labor Dept. won't say which state.
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    Imagine that, it was California that did not have enough time to get their unemployment data in before the report came out. The state with ungodly unemployment and a different city filing bankruptcy almost weekly. But I am sure there is no reason to think there was a cover-up.
  4. This jobless claims overall trend seems to be that the labor market is improving. However this is not always the case, especially if someone is cooking the numbers to be lower than the reality. Just last week the number dropped significantly way more than expected, this is because one huge state didn't fully report its figures by the deadline. Because of this, we have seen some payback in the claims data reported this week.
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    How convenient;
    this close to election TIME.

    As they say in Chicago, vote early vote often. I like what a black conservative Christian sang in Chicago= WE WIN.....

    Too bad for the King of Egypt & his hellish hosts., he loses in the RED Sea.Look on the bright side, the food chain in Red Sea had a feast.:cool:
  6. Funny how so many of these earnings reports include thousands of job layoffs. I guarantee we'll play alot of "catch up" in the months to come in so far as the jobs picture goes.
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    I'm not generally much on conspiracy theories. But this is damned convenient. And given the complete lack of honesty and integrity of this administration...
  8. Given the lack of brains I'm not surprised righties can't read a chart


    Data extracted on: October 23, 2012 (6:27:59 PM)

    Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey

    Series Id: LNS14000000
    Seasonally Adjusted
    Series title: (Seas) Unemployment Rate
    Labor force status: Unemployment rate
  9. When politicians "campaign" on some buzzword change, you can be certain they will do the exact opposite. All that bullshit about transparency and this administration is about as "transparent" as Nixon's.
  10. Another in depth better than expected jobs numbers for you.
    Gains is manufacturing, construction, retail . . . . losses in GOVERNMENT.:).
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