Jobless claims highest level in 9 months

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    Obamas to begin sixth holiday of the year
    The Obama family will begin their sixth holiday of the year today, an 11-day sojourn in Martha’s Vineyard, the island destination of the wealthy and well-connected American elite.
    By Toby Harnden, Washington
    Published: 8:18PM BST 18 Aug 2010

    President Barack Obama will be accompanied by his wife Michelle and daughters Malia, 12, and Sasha, nine, and are expected to stay at the historic Blue Heron Farm in Chilmark.

    Bill Burton, the deputy White House press secretary, said that the US president was “going to spend a little time recharging his batteries” at the Massachusetts island ahead of the November midterm elections.

    “There will be some hiking, some time at the beach, some time at the ice cream store - all the sort of things you do when you’re at Martha’s Vineyard. You enjoy the people and the good food.”

    He is also expected to work on his swing at Mink Meadows golf club in Vineyard Haven and to work out every day, as he did when the First Family visited Martha’s Vineyard last year.

    The tally of vacation days for an American president has become a contentious issue in recent years. President Bill Clinton conducted a poll about where best to holiday. President George W. Bush spent a total of 879 days on holiday in his eight years in office, according to Mark Knoller of CBS, the unofficial statistician of the presidency.

    Mr Bush was usually working at his Prairie Chapel ranch in Texas, which was named the “Western White House” during his long summers there when he was accompanied by dozens of staff.

    Mr Obama’s holidays have been particularly scrutinised in the last year, as he has come under fire for his handling of the US economy as well as the Louisiana oil spill. A poll released this week found that only four in 10 approve of his handling of the economy.

    He was questioned last year for choosing to stay on the elitist Martha’s Vineyard during a severe recession, while in July he was criticised for taking his family to Maine rather than visit the Gulf of Mexico coast line. He subsequently took his family to Florida last weekend.

    Although he appears to take more holidays than his predecessors, they have usually been very short. His five this year will total just 20 days - he did not accompany his wife and youngest daughter to Marbella, Spain. As well as Florida, Maine, and an 11-day stay in Hawaii over Christmas and New Year, he and his wife spent two days in Asheville, North Carolina in April.

    His holidays also tend to be interrupted by major events. During the President’s first holiday of the year in his native Hawaii he spent much of his time grappling with the fallout from the failed terrorist attack by the Christmas Day “underpants bomber”. His last break in Martha’s Vineyard was interrupted by the death of Senator Edward Kennedy.
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    Actually, this is good news.

    He should go on vacation for the next 2 years. :D
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    Summer Of Discontent


    :) :) :)
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    Be part of the solution, go out and buy stuff this weekend!
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    Better yet, send a contribution to a good conservative candidate like Sharron Angle or Marco Rubio :)
  6. Quit sending jobs overseas and not passing the cost savings onto the consumer. Wonder if the math has ever been done on that?
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    Ahh. Yes. Enlightening commentary provided by "Desert Beacon - Progressive blog..." which is, I'm sure, an objective reporter of news.

    Bottom line: Angle wants friends in the press (most of whom spend every waking hour scheming how to destroy the conservative movement) while her opponent, the most hated Senator in Congress, Harry Reed, is busy tripling our national debt and bringing the whole country down... :(

    Just be her friend, ak15, will you? Please? Send her $50 and tell her I sent you :)
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    The "objective reporting" of news does not even enter into the equation here. The clip is from fox news. The words coming right out of Sharron Angle's mouth. She wants the press to ask her questions that she wants to answer and let her put in her pledge for donations whilst hiding from reporters who might ask her questions that she doesn't want to answer. How many candidates, either on the left or right, do you see engaging in such bizarre behavior?
    I'll take Harry Reed anyday over a kook like Sharron Angle.
  10. Well it's obvious that Obama's math sucks. Will you hold him accountable or does your math suck too much for basic accounting?

    Stimulus Jobs in China? Senators Angry About U.S. Money Going Overseas
    Senators Want to Stop Wind Energy Program That Pays for Chinese-Made Wind Turbines
    March 4, 2010

    A war is emerging between Congress and the White House over high-profile stimulus programs that lawmakers claim aren't serving the American people.

    Senate Democrats lashed out at the Obama administration on Wednesday, saying its stimulus wind energy program creates jobs overseas instead of in the U.S., and they're calling for the administration to put a stop to it.

    "Today, we are demanding the Obama administration suspend this program immediately," said Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.

    The program has already spent $2 billion, funding enough projects to power 2.4 million homes. Any wind farm created in the U.S. is eligible for stimulus money to put up wind turbines, regardless of where those massive structures are made. Each turbine costs about $3 million, and reaches 40 stories into the sky.

    An investigation by ABC News and the Investigative Reporting Workshop found that 79 percent of the program's money has gone to foreign companies, money that Schumer said was "federal tax dollars, the stimulus, which was sold as jobs in America."

    The senators are especially alarmed about a project highlighted by ABC News in West Texas that uses turbines manufactured in China. The Texas wind farm is eligible for up to $450 million in stimulus funds.

    The company that is helping to finance the wind project, US-REG, issued a statement Wednesday saying that the majority of jobs created by the project will be for Americans.

    "A minimum of 70 percent of each wind turbine [...] will be wholly manufactured in the United States and made entirely of American steel. It is incorrect to assume that the hundreds of additional jobs created aside from the direct construction and operation of the Texas plant would be outside the U.S.," said Cappy McGarr, managing partner for the U.S. Renewable Energy Group.

    The frustrated senators are concerned, though, that some of the money is also paying for manufacturing jobs in China, and they are pushing a bill requiring that stimulus projects create jobs in the United States. They want the wind energy program stopped before the Chinese turbine manufacturers can collect any money.

    In a statement Wednesday, the Energy Department insisted that the wind program does create jobs in the U.S. and said that "suspending it now would cause immediate layoffs of American workers at American manufacturing plants."

    They did say, though, that the Obama Administration is willing to work with Congress to make improvements.
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