Job # tomorrow

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  1. Looks like everyone is betting on a low #. What's your gut feel?
  2. 255,000
  3. Gonna be at low end of trend. I'll be surprised if above 120,000.

    We shall see soon enough.
  4. Are we going to get a selloff if the # is unusually low, suggesting the economy is starting to fall apart and the Fed is pushing too far?
  5. 135,000

    Tomorrow should set up perfectly for a great news bracket trade.....I love those!!! :)

  6. I am just hoping for a high market close today and a calm overnight session.....I want some good potential energy built in for the # tomorrow.
  7. Market will rally on weak numbers and sell off on strong numbers.

    Low numbers will be seen as fitting into a slowing economy and less need for rate hikes. If there's an upside surprise like 200K (not going to happen), then I think there will be some pretty aggressive selling.

    AOL just announced 5k worth of cuts. Economy is moderating, just look at consumer spending and retail reports. All that home equity money has been spent.

    Inflation should start to moderate on the heels of weakening demand and today's actions of rate hikes in England, Europe and South Africa only help smooth and cool inflation worries. Also look at the bonds, they're forecasting right now a moderating economy as well.
  8. <150K jobs
  9. Isn't it the last thing you want is a high market close? That means they are factoring in a low #...
  10. will see what I mean (tomorrow). :)
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