Job #'s tomorrow

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    Anyone taking a guess.

    Im going with 125k

    and revisions as much as 20-30k higher for the last 2 months.
  2. Your to honest,the numbers will look better than they have in four or so months with a lowering

  3. Im thinking in the same "guess" Something above 125k.

    If that happens, then you can have 1.346 on eurusd, 121 on usdjpy, 107'16 on ZN and 1515 on Es by noon.

    Who the hell knows what its going to happen... We will have to trade what we have at that time, like always...
  4. for the last condecutive 43 months they have been up never down.

    the lowest has been 50k the highest up around 350k.

    whatever the actual figure the bls will adjust it anyway to suit their own needs so i predict a boring number somewhere around + 125k.

    yawn yawn yawn all back to sleep.

    the days of negative numbers are over.
  5. We have seen one-way action around those numbers in the last couple weeks. Many people seem to dump inventory upon the release or even go net short, just to find out the majority of capital seems to think otherwise. If the numbers are not a mega disaster (= calling for an imminent recession) then we'll be back in the green in the stock indexes rather quickly.
  6. Oh boy ES already at 1513 2.5 hours before #'s coming out lol :p
  7. Job numbers below estimates, hourly earnings up less than feared, all pointing to Fed not raising rates any time soon. Market is rejoicing.
  8. Which is actually stupid, if you ask me. Forget the Fed. The job numbers (with two previous revisions down) should have the market worried about employment. Never mind the Fed.
  9. its all fixed !!!! LMAO jake
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    Someone got that one wrong in Bonds!
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