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    I really doubt anyone wants to hold stocks into this number, I think if we get anything north of 250k this market is going to see a 3rd day of selling this time probably taking out 8000 and closing below it. There isnt any reason to be long now.
  2. Too bad you didn't post a screenshot of your short positions going into payrolls. Would make your predictions a lot more... interesting.
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    ACTUALLY IF you read my posts just 2 days ago you would have noticed I was short already with SKF and QID.......

    Did I not repeat myself 1000 times to sell the damn rallies, the last 5-6 day rally we had was an opportunity to sell and buy back either inverse etfs or wait for a day like today to start buying very small amounts of certain sectors.

    If tomorrow the markets completely fall apart I will be buying on the long side, thats the only way to trade these markets. Fools buy into the rallies....
  4. Why are you not short right now if you believe there is an excellent chance the Dow will see 8000 tomorrow?

    Sounds like risk free money to me.
  5. Do you ever stop? :)
  6. I bought into the rally. I also use stops too. They come in handy. In fact, that's what they're for.
  7. Oh, so you are a TRADER now?
    Too funny.
  8. Bad numbers already priced in. It would be shocking if there were a big selloff. Most likely there will be a huge rally.
  9. I'm starting to think you do this as a joke.
  10. Stock Turd...remember when you thought the dow was going to 16,000, and then when you thought we werent in a bear market and then when you thought we werent in a recession and then when you kept pumping rimm and aapl and goog....i guess what im getting at is that you suck so freaking bad and nothing you say should matter to anyone, ever at any couldnt trade your way out of a paper bag

    hope that helps
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