Job report much better than expected

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    the better this report gets the quicker the fed has to start coming up with ways to remove that easy free money they have handed out....

    they better start with some meetings this weekend....

    time to take the punch bowl away....

  2. Another lesson in the way markets work ... Bond yields and 2 year note yields have been rising inexplicably this week. Now we know why.:)
  3. im intrested to know what their "seasonal adjustments" are.
  4. This should come as no surprise. The real test of any so-called recovery will be shown in Feb. numbers for Jan. and March numbers for Feb.
    If retail collapses in Jan./Feb., as I think it will, the numbers will skyrocket and the market will then show the double dip.
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  6. Your dad's retail is as irrelevant as the newspaper industry.
  7. psyoperator detected...

    So lame...
  8. Most Jan/Feb retail will occur when people redeems their gift cards(It is kind easy to slap these number around from last year into future sale depend on accounting). Big chunk of retail number has gasoline price in it. so Oil price is what to look for.
  9. Wouldn't bet too much on it. They often talk of "taking punch bowl away"... rarely do.
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    Unexpected improvement in number during job summit.

    Nothing to see here. It's all good.
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