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  1. Hello,

    I am moving to Canada soon and am looking for some resources for jobs in the financial/trading industry there.
    I am recent university graduate in economics in Bulgaria and don't have prior work experience in this field but I am ready for entry-level position for a start.

    Is some certification is required for working in the financial industry?

    Is CFA or some similar designation in demand in Canada?

    Would you please provide me with some directions about it?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Canadian Securities Course is required for most jobs involving sales of securities in Canada.
  3. CSC, CFP, CMT....

    CSC is VERY important in Canada.

  4. Chagi


    I can't be of much help here, but I personally plan on getting my CSC as soon as I'm done university. Even somewhat tempted to do it before then...
  5. n00b


    The financial job market Canada is very very competitve as the supply is exceeding demand by a huge margin.

    So make sure you have a certain edge over any other fresh graduate. Could be experience, education, your own personal track record etc.

    CSC is a minor step in securing a job. It wont guarantee you a job but will definately make you eligible for alot more jobs. Its a very easy course and should not require more a week of studying.

    Good Luck.
  6. They say lots of people fail the first time....

  7. ShawnyV


    Anybody who fails the CSC at all REALLY shouldn't be working in any job where they're responsible for the wealth/assets/etc of others. Give a high school kid the materials required, and he could pass that test with 2 weeks of studying.
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    I'm a french PHD, i'm a specialist in forex market volatility.
    Actually i'm cheking a job as a trader in representation of any company in the world in france.

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  9. Datradr


    CSC is just a minimum requirement...If you want a real designation write the CFA exams...those will put your foot through a door much easier than CSC..

    having a CSC is like graduating high school...if you cant do that then stay

  10. LORD


    I'm a french PHD, i'm a specialist in forex market volatility.
    I'm cheking a job as a trader to represent any company in france.

    Please, if you are interested contact me at

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