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  1. Anyone here ever have a company call them offering a job but that they should come in to the office to discuss terms and/or negotiate? This is the first time this has happened to me so I'd appreciate any advice.

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    From what I understand, this happened to Ben Rothlisberger today. I hear it worked out very well for him.

    What type of job is this for?
  3. Trading gig at a top of the line firm
  4. Learn all you can about the company. Research on line any position similiar to yours and salary ranges. Be enthusiastic, they want you. If you're backed into the corner for a decision immediately and need time to think, ask for a tour, a "look around", something to break the momentum of the meet. A shift in atmosphere.

    They have the power because you are on there territory, (a psych disadvantage to you). Good luck.
  5. I always had those types of meetings in bars or restaurants. I assume it involves a contract? Make sure you have a good contract lawyer who is familiar with the business look it over before you sign it . Don't sign anything the same day as the meeting.
  6. company offer of the salaries gives you the chance to bargain
  7. just know your strenghts in job offer negotiations
  8. So if they offer 60 initially, maybe I come back and say 70?
  9. Where did 70 come from, did you pull that out of a hat? You need to qualify that number, whatever number it may be. They offer 60 you might ask what number are we looking at in 90 days, or in a year.

    It is easier to give you what you want down the road where your number may not cause conflict with your co workers.
  10. Make sure they give a number first, so you can build on it. If they make you offer first, give a high but reasonable figure, say 80 - 90 + performance-based bonus.
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