Job Of The Week: Merrill's Chief Financial Office Needs A Little Help

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    Merrill Lynch’s Chief Financial Office manages the company’s financial position, striking a balance between disciplined, effective financial management and transactional speed. The Group’s principle objectives are to enhance the company’s competitive leadership position and strategic flexibility and to ensure the accuracy of critical financial information.

    The Vice President will report to a Director in the Treasury Finance Group and will have responsibility for analyzing and reporting on all aspects of Merrill Lynch’s balance sheet and funding. The Vice President will have the opportunity to work with several distinct businesses and have regular exposure to senior management. This small, dynamic team has a high impact on a large organization and the successful candidate will be adept at prioritizing and managing multiple projects. S/he will be able to conduct high end analysis at a corporate level and be able to drill down into the business and the minute details with ease.

    S/he will work with the team on all aspects of Merrill Lynch’s balance sheet and a variety of projects including, but not limited to the following: · Daily work includes consolidation of Global Markets and Investment Banking and firm wide balance sheet and balance sheet analysis. LYnch/

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