Job numbers tomorrow, Under/Over 100k

Discussion in 'Trading' started by S2007S, Mar 8, 2007.

Where will job numbers be, under/over 100k?

  1. Over 100,000

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  2. Under 100,000

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  1. S2007S


    Under 100,000

    Over 100,000
  2. what does the winner get?

  3. R2S


    From what I heard it should be in lower band, say, it is about 75K. But I am not sure how the folks expain it, Rate Cut or In Recession? Hard to tell...
  4. doesn't matter
  5. What # is the Street looking for to get a nice rally?
  6. S2007S


    I would say anything between 75k-150k

    150k = softlanding

    75k = rate cuts coming.

    bullish and more bullish.
  7. S2007S


    Im going with 100k +++

    115k my guess.

    Revisions to the upside of course for the last 2 months because the numbers are always wrong.... :p :p :p :p
  8. Rate cuts won't work this time like last time, it is a totally different environment now than it was a few years ago. First off, lower rates now will not save housing which provided an enormous amount of consumer $$. Secondly, unless you give money away for free, the avg houshold now carries about as much debt as can be serviced thus not allowing for more room to borrow. And finally, (the most important), the feds job is to contain inflation, not prop up your portfolio for you and there is still many inflationary concerns (look at gasoline over last month alone).

    It is time to stop talking your books, wish-casting another 16% year in equities, and start devising a sound plan to reduce exposure to long equities. Hell, 5% fixed interest is better than dropping all of last years gains.

    Time to be a market sniper rather than a marching infantryman.
  9. feb2865


    the winner gets a shot in the butt then a lollypop