job market is grim, particularly if u r 50+

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  1. I work in IT and notice that the jobs opening up are for specific skills with 10+ years experience. I was talking to my neighbour. he works in a hotel downtown and he told me recently his hotel laid off several senior managers. for example an Food and Beverage manager who was drawing 80K. p a. was laid off and they replaced him with a cheaper hire paying him 40K..

    so there is deflation. as there are many folks willing to work for less.

    so gone are the days .where the private sector will keep paying for experience. I shudder to think if I was in the 50s and unemployed. u r basically ^^#%^%& up big time..
  2. Unless you're a union worker in a service-based profession. Then you laugh all the way to the bank.
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    No doubt. If you are in that category you'd better learn entrepreneurship. Sooooo many people are sitting around waiting for the phone to ring with an offer of a job. Shit, get out there and create your own job. Develop a product or service and toss a price tag on it. Start as a Schedule C reporter and if you're successful Incorporate and grow. There's plenty of money to be made out there for the creative and willing.
  4. hotels are filing for bankruptcy..fewer business travel.

    tourism is dead as business travel cutting back..either the hotel lowers it cost or it shuts down.

    it's free market capitalism
    and if the hotel keeps losing money it'll fire everybody regardless of wage.

    no point in keeping the hotel open and lose money.

    business only care about making money and doesn't care about creating jobs. if the company doesn't make money there will be no jobs.

  5. look at the volume on your REIT chart.

    Should tell you something, classic divergence....volume is way down, while the Ishares Rally. This is a classic short option. Building into a short position is definilty risky as the FED pumps money but it could be a huge reward when summer is here in 2011 and people wake up to the fact, things are not better......
  6. municipal and union based wages are also getting a bit iffy...
  7. An acquaintance of mine recently got a municipal job.he said there were hundreds of people being hired for this make work position.

    HALF OF THEIR ORIENTATION was how to get time off.fuck me in the ass and call me a sucker.
  8. Mow lawns for a living, booyah we'll show those mexicans.
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    To have a broad skill set is helpful. Once you are comfortable in any job, try to make a play for some other related position--something you will have to learn new skills for. Keep growing and learning.

    That said, I have to agree with those who encourage entrepreneurship. If you don't try, you won't ever know.
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