Job interview tips?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by obi, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. obi


    On Monday I have an interview for a broker position at a prominent investment bank, I know it's not a trader position but seeing as I am a fresh university graduate from a non economic field it's a good start. Can someone shed some light on what they might ask me during the interview and what would the winning answers to those questions be? I really want to land this job so any advice is welcome. Thanks a lot!
  2. It really depends if your interviewers will be people from HR or from the desks: in the first case expect the usual recruiting shit like leadership, extracurriculars, why did you do this, why did you do that and so on... in the second case expect a lot more technical questions, even though you didn't study it at uni they'll expect at least a basic understanding on your part; if you'll be talking with your future bosses try to impress them, of course, but never overdo: they like someone who can do the job but they're also searching for someone with whom they can comfortably work with up to 12 hours a day so...:D
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    buy the book job interview's for dummies. It is worth the $12, there are a lot of good tips.

    You should def. be prepared for questions like,

    What is one of your biggest weaknesses and what are you doing to impove?

    What you biggest strength is?

    And be ready to ask questions when they ask you too. It shows that you are interested in the company and did your research (which I will assume you did).

    Other things that may be obvious but: firm hand shake, smile, look at the bridge of the persons nose.

    Don't cross your arms it makes you look uninterested, instead lean forward a bit.

    What ever you do, don't be yourself. Do what you can to get the job and then worry about actually doing the work later. You are putting a show on for 20-30 minutes, basically you are acting.
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    it sounds like you are interviewing for a stock broker position instead of a position on a trading desk. if this is the case, trust me now that the best thing to do is to not consider this job. you will carry the stigma of being a bullshitting broker whenever you try to find another job in the industry.