job creation republican style.

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  1. politicians, especially republicans, like to use tax breaks as a job creation tool. here is how that really works.

    $3.1 Million Subsidy Per Job

    One of the biggest new drains of tax money is government giveaways for server farms, those giant air-conditioned complexes that store data for Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Dell, and other digital enterprises. Companies need duplicate sites around the country to manage traffic flow and protect against flood, fire, the loss of electric power, or some other catastrophe.

    This fall Yahoo made a deal in Lockport, N.Y., for a new server farm. Yahoo gets $200 million in state and local tax breaks (including no property taxes), plus $58 million of cut-rate electricity from Niagara Falls and a $10 million stimulus grant. That's $268 million to create 125 jobs, or $2.1 million per job.

    Even if we just count the federal stimulus money, the subsidy works out to $80,000 per job.

    Even richer was a deal Verizon made this fall for a server farm in Somerset, another Niagara County town. Over 15 years Verizon is getting $614 million in tax breaks and cut-rate electricity, which works out to an eye-popping $3.1 million for each of the 200 estimated jobs.

    Thomas tells how Dell moved a factory from Ireland to Poland in 2009 and then months later closed a four-year-old factory built in large part with North Carolina tax dollars. The Irish taxpayers gave €53.5 million to Dell, while North Carolina gave as much as $242 million. But when the Poles offered €54 million more, it was enough to get Dell to move about 1,900 jobs to Lodz.
  2. Wow...when the democrats do something you dont like, its the republicans fault somehow. But what kind of thinking can I expect from a guy that thinks he evolved from a monkey.

    This all happened in NY which is almost all democratic politicians there. This is job creation...DEMOCRAT style, not republican. See the evidence....

    NY Governor - Democrat
    NY Senators - Both Democrat

    NY House of representatives - 25 democrats, 3 republicans.

    Next time you write a hit piece, make sure you have your facts straight. Oh wait...look who I am talking to. You like to make up your own facts.
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  4. LOL...Freethinker has no comment now. Maybe he should make another post and blame job loss on religion. HAHAHAHAHA.
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    There was a time when I considered vehn/free stinker a fairly intelligent guy, even if I didn't always agree with him.

    Last year or two though he seems to have fallen off an intellectual cliff.
    Zealotry will do that I suppose.