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  1. The projected deficit for 2004 is 521 billion, thats an average of 43.5billion a month.January job creation of 112000 would currently average a cost of $388,392 per job. Is this an equitable tradeoff ,or is the deficit spending a prelude of worse things to come?Thanks for your reply or other scenario's.Goodluck
  2. Deficit is roughly 4% of GDP. No big deal. Sometimes you have to spend money to create money (jobs).
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    Hi Hollywood,

    I think you are right to worry. International market actors are not blind to what is happening to the federal budget deficit.

    The market is always right. If the US dollar has lost value, it is not for no reason ...

    Would anyone know where to get the information for other US deficits and debts like states deficit, governemnt agencies deficit, counties deficits, personal debts, corporate debts, etc.
  4. Take a look at the fact that China's amount of purchases of dollar denominated "investable" assets has plummeted from 74% to 26% over the past 24 months.