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    Very timely!
    Explain how a quote from October 20 on job cuts will help my trading today on the 29th?
  2. Ebos Sporting wood!!!
  3. Ebo, don't forget this is economy. We are in the cloth of economist. Economy news has either leading or lagging effects on the markets. Which comes first, only "they" know.

  4. Subtotal: -1 units
    Total -34 (round) units

    CSX Railroad to Cut Up to 1,000 Jobs

    Only one unit here and a few more fractions. Who cares. We just count big blocks. So, a summary is that things are really looking up!
  5. Subtotal: -6 units
    Total -40 (round) units

    Texas-Based SBC To Cut 4,000 Jobs

    Washington Mutual Cuts Outlook, Cuts Jobs: another 2000

    Chevron to Sell Some U.S. Assets, Cut Jobs: cut 150 to 200 U.S.-based jobs --skip

    Tech Study Firm Gartner to Cut 200 Jobs

    3M Co. Will Cut Another 125 Jobs -- skip

    Mitsubishi to Cut Up to 425 Illinois Jobs
    -- skip

    GE Medical Systems Cuts Colo. Work Force : cut 140 manufacturing jobs -- skip

    So, it starts to look cloudy again. Hope it is just an event of one day or two.
  6. is the stats for every other company in the U.S. that just hired someone...every large corporation and every little Ma and Pa operation. Also, how many people just started a business during this period? We need all the stats to make a true conclusion in which to trade from. My T&S window has the "Bid" and the "Ask" not just one side of the story...we need both sides to make decisions from.

  7. Okay, here are the numbers after being avoided in a joyful holiday season.

    Subtotal: -340 (round-off) units (1000 head)
    Total: -380 units

    Eastman Kodak to Cut Up to 15,000 Jobs

    J.C. Penney to Cut 475 Jobs,

    Federal Fisheries Department planning to cut 600 jobs

    PalmOne to Cut 100 Jobs

    White Rose to shut nine garden stores, cut 75 full-time jobs, 200 part-time

    France Telecom to Cut 14,500 Jobs

    WorldCom Plans New Job Cuts: 1,700 employees

    Weirton Job Cuts Could Hit 800

    Les Boutiques San Francisco to cut close to 600 jobs and sell 54 stores

    Boots Pharmacy Chain to Cut 900 Jobs

    French insurer AXA to cut up to 700 jobs in Britain

    Alcan Inc. to close Quebec smelter this spring; 550 jobs to go

    Schering-Plough Cutting Jobs in Ireland: 3000
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