Joab's Presidential Vote

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Joab, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Joab


    Tough decision between two knuckle heads but if I had to vote, which I can't as a Canadian. :cool:

    I would have to go with Obama.

    Remember I have zero partisanship whatsoever.

    The truth is he is just the lesser moron of the two.

    On a personal side I like McCain more than I like Obama but another 4 years of Bush style politics will pretty much KILL your country and hammer in the final nails to the coffin.

    Good Luck AMERICA you are facing the toughest decision in your history.

  2. I would not make fun of this unfortunate situation.
    If things get more desperate the easy way out for USA would be the invasion or annexation of Canada :)
    Vast amount of natural resources, oil reserves and relatively small population on the second largest land in the world.
    The integration would be easy also, as many francophones speak English too:)
  3. Heck yes, we sure don't want Mexico, the people are illiterate and have such shitty attitudes, and they don't speak French much either....
  4. Arnie


    Plus the beer, hockey, and easy women would be a nice bonus. :D
  5. Given a choice between an intelligent, calm, reasoned and mentally stable candidate, and an erratic, cranky, confused and almost neurotic one...

    Yeah, I'd agree.
  6. Joab


    Please do me a HUGE favor .....

    I would LOVE to be able to live and work freely in Florida, Nevada or California baby.

    If the US ever did want Canada I would happily work as a double agent to get the job done.

    Sharing the women part, I'm not so thrilled about :p

    American women are trouble and I wouldn't wish them on anyone (no offense ladies but your way to high maintenance compared to Canadian chicks).