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  1. Here is a daily chart of JNPR with a possible flag breakout in future. Chart is annotated with trigger points and stop loss area.
    Right now the trade has not triggered. Its still on the watchlist.
  2. One hour charts gave Wednesday 10-11:00 signal. Bullish breakout ?


    Nice chart. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Thanks for the heads up!
  5. similar patterns: GENZ, ANDW
  6. Isn't that called a triangle break out? Flag breakout lol...

  7. Called by whom? I have abolished all names and slogans from my trading, and invented my own names for everything. This way I don't try to trade all kind of 'canned insights' that book writers write about so their books will sell.

    For example "a Doji". A Doji on the 5min chart looks like a Head and Shoulders on the 1min chart. So how you're going to call it? A Doji? A head and shoulders? I call it "my hairy ass". The price dynamics is what's important and not the terms. Although if I would write a book, I would definitely call it "Ride the Doji for unperceivable profits". See what I'm talking about?

  8. I traded a perfect REVERSE "my hairy ass" today. Made a killing.

    On another note, I am pulling for you next week at the Grammy's, 50.
  9. I traded an exact bull flag failure on the NQ at 15:18, and it was an excellent trade. Unfortunately I was reckless earlier during the day.. so ended up more or less even.
  10. another one: CREE
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