JMOWERY1987 and understanding credibility on ET.

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    This thread is background for some of the people who have asked me about the credibility of quite a few posts on ET. One of the most prolific but vacuous posters on ET is JMowery1987.

    As you may know, he has some very strong and slanderous views on some companies. Because these boards are essentially anonymous, readers may need to understand a bit more about the man behind the mouth so that they can weigh his advice up before they decide to act on it.

    Although some of what I post may seem to be malicious, it is not my intention to be. Granted, he has irritated the hell out of a lot of us but all of the facts here have come out of his posts.

    An added benefit of his postings is that it helps us to see who is on the other side of the trades we make. Many people think that all of the fresh meat disappeared during the tech years or was shaken out by the $25000 rule but JM is an indication that some of it may be coming back into the market. One of the greatest books I have ever read on trading (not going to name it because if you have not read it you are probably not ready for it – except to say the theme is Eating and Losers) deals extensively with this and it is always interesting to see the logic or lack of logic behind a lot of traders out there.

    Jmowery1987 (JM) is a nineteen year old boy who recently started trading (less than a year ago) who currently lives with his family and trades off a single screen in his bedroom. He constantly changes his approach to trading and is now thinking of giving forex a whirl.

    He appears to be highly immature not only in the way that he communicates but also very unschooled in the ways of the world. For example, he has recently been asking on ET how to rent an apartment. In this thread he seems to have great difficulty understanding what an apartment lease is. He also does not have any credit, not even a credit card. He has previously had significant difficulties in opening a trading account.

    He seems to spend too much time on the computer (12-18 hours a day) and does not have any friends around. Apparently his only three friends joined the Air Force and left him all alone. He also talks of other compulsive behaviour such as checking stock prices constantly while he was in class to the detriment of his grades. I think that this type of obsessive behaviour is quite significant.

    His knowledge of market activity and history is very shallow. "I was born in 1987, I didn't know there was a big market crash." Most of what he knows seems to have been picked up on these boards. He has also learnt a "lot" hanging out on Yahoo boards etc. His knowledge of technical analysis seems to be equally shallow as he gets very excited when he sees a pattern he recognizes to the extent that he has to post it in here.

    He has major issues with not getting enough respect from his family, from posters on ET and from people in the town where he lives. Judging by his contribution to many of the threads here it is not difficult to see the small boy raging and shouting to try to achieve a feeling of significance.

    One of his favorite pastimes is raging at bigger companies which he feels do not immediately act on his requests. His approach appears to be the classic "bend the world to my way". Given that he is trading from a single screen, I do not believe he can accurately assess complex programs which a lot of day traders use on up to 6 screens.

    He will also latch on to a thread and spend a large amount of time looking for information on Google which he can then post back on ET. Although this can sometimes be helpful, it can be more harmful if you think that you are getting firsthand information from a knowledgeable source.

    (JM if you disagree with anything I have posted here, please feel free to correct me)

    So the final question is, when deciding on advice from a discussion board, consider who you are talking to. A picture is worth a thousand words.
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    The picture of who you think you are talking to
  3. At age 19, I didn't know shit about the world either. Isn't that normal?
  4. A question for Jmowery1987, who says started trading at age 18:

    What color is pussy?

    I think knowing the answer to this is far more important than knowing what MACD is to 19 yo boy
  5. Unless I'm mis-guessing your age Nana Trader, back when you were 19, pussies were all hairy. That's got to be pretty traumatic for a young man. I mean, he finally 'gets some'... and the damn thing is all hairy & stinky?

    I'm so glad the past couple decades have seen such a progressive leap forward, in the field of pussy grooming evolution . :D
  6. Sweet, I just noticed this thread!

    I love it, it's so funny!!! Owell, I guess if I gotta be 19 and have no credibility *or financial credit as well :p* , I might as well have a loser like the OP tell me about it. :D

    Thanks everyone, I love Elitetrader and I love trading!!!


    Suggestion to OP, get a life, for yours is just wasted trying to get people to hate me, I don't really give a damn, lol. Life is great lately, and there is a lot better stuff than trying to impress, or trying to destroy one's credibility on a forum, I post on ET because I have something to say or share, I don't give a damn about if people care about what I say or not.

    But you obviously have no life and insist on getting to me, sorry buddy, not going to happen. I learned all I needed to from ET. If all of ET hated me, I'd not post, and I wouldn't care. I just share ideas here and personal experiences and share my opinion and don't sugar coat things.

    You on the otherhand have no credibility and say a lot of BS, like me posting on Yahoo boards? WTF, who uses Yahoo message boards, they are unorganized as hell and have spam and all that crap, last time I even looked at a yahoo message board was probably 5 years ago when I had an interest in graphic design *which I still do today, but there are better forums about that subject*

    So, get your stories straight my friend.

    I'm not here to impress anyone on ET, and I personally don't care either. If someone has a problem with me, be sure to PM me and let me know about it. If all ET wants me to leave, ask Baron to have me banned, and I will respect his wishes.

    But otherwise, you are acting like back in highschool, where you go spreading around BS to classmates, and it's quite childish if I may say, so grow up.

    But again........ I can't solve stupidity, I can only point it out.

    This thread, a waste of time and effort, for I don't care. Just another person on the block list, and your done. Ciao people. Thanks to all those who show respect on ET and like to share info. I respect great traders, not wannabies who like to discredit people because they do something they love and might be good at it.

    Damn, I must be one hell of a mean guy to have that title awarded to me, funny, as I seem to get a long with the people I talk to on ET, and I really don't care what the bashers say. I talk to people VIA PM on ET, and learn a lot from the expereinced traders like Steve, Red Ink,ElectricSavant, TachyonTrader, FaderTrader, few of the mods, also made quite a few friends from ET and talk to them outside of the forum.

    Oh btw, who might I ask has inquired about me to YOU? Nana Trader by any chance, that is funny btw. I think we have a case of multiple aliases on ET.

    Just proof of how little of a life you have to waste your time trying to bash me. It is funny though, and it provides me with a ton of laughs. So keep it up, sooner or later you'll either get warned, banned, or just other ET members will realize how much of an idiot you can act like.

    Good stuff though! Plenty of great information about me and my life packed into this thread!

    Last Edit (I promise):
    BTW, thanks for the OP for posting that link to the images I posted on my recent discovery with Forex, the chart patterns work very well, and actually, I hope people made money from those trades. I am only demo trading with Forex *which I have said*, but hope to use it as a backup in the future, as I have learnt a lot from Kastro and ElectricSavant who trade Forex.

    I don't understand particularly why you like to harass me, but, if you need something to do to make up for your lack of a life, I'll gladly let you post any crap you can make up about me to make you feel better.

    I don't know why anyone would get jealous of demo trading on a Forex practice account, you should come over to my place and watch me day-trade equities, now that is fun and what I love to do, and then you can follow me at night when I leave and head out to Tidewater Community College and watch me in my math classes I take at night. Be sure to let me know if you are ever in the Hampton Roads area of VA. :D

    I think I'll be the bigger man of the bunch and state that I don't harass you, but you can continue to harass me. I'm sure Max401 might chime in here, I've had him blocked, but he likes to harass me, you know you two should both team up to continue to harass me in all my threads.

    There is a new one about me wanting to fly on the chitchat section, you and your buddies should be sure to chime in there to tell me how much of a loser I am, and then I will once again, laugh at you, and continue to enjoy life. :cool:
  7. Those who go out of thier way to prove they "don't care what others say" usually care the most.
  8. hehe, you should see the countless number of posts I've had from Max401, Nana Trader, and the OP talked about and discussed. Oh and harassment issues as well, PM's, instant messages, e-mails of harassment, ever have anyone claim they will kill you before from a poster on ET? Now that was a great one. Too bad I can't prove who it was to instant message me that. It is my fault though, i do have my message handles and e-mail available to anyone to message me, but it's funny how the harassment mostly comes from posters on ET. I still want to say it is jealousy, because almost all traders up here who are fakers or liers, will probably be on this thread jumping and pouncing on me and calling me a lier and such. It's only to make themselves feel better.

    I have to do my best to make those who don't have a life, and can't trade, feel better by having them try to put me down to make up for their failure. For they only make me stronger and more determined in my trading, I welcome it.

    I figured I had to chime in though when a thread is dedicated to me though. I never knew I could be so popular on ET, I'm just a 19 year old making the best of life, it wouldn't be life if you didn't have a few bullies to push you around. I guess ET is back to old school. I personally wish I could change my name on ET so the harassment would stop, and get rid of my post count as well, but that would just be running away, and I'm stronger than that.

    I just find it funny though, but very annoying to have to deal with others BS all the time. Good stuff though, great lessons in life can be learned from those who try to put others down, it makes the person being put down work harder and more determined in the end. Think about it:)
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    don't be so quick to denigrate obssessive behavoir. most people who succeed in a big way show an obsessive/complusive trait to a much higher degree than the average population.
  10. I will admit, I am obsessed with trading, it's the one thing in my life that I love to do, and was lost before I started trading.

    I've actually been spending less and less time with ET because of recent developments of harassment, but I still post when I can, still like to talk to my friends via PM.

    I just haven't found it to be beneficial to post ideas, advice, criticism on Et anymore because it seems anytime I post I have someone readily available to pounce on me.

    Sad for me, but I don't mind posting less on ET, I just don't like dealing with all the BS, like from the OP and stuff like that. Not worth it or my time.

    Besides, all my information comes from a single screen, and Google is my source of all MY experiences in trading :p See what I mean, I should not even be posting on ET anymore, I have no credibility anyways according to the OP, so why deal with the BS :)

    I should probably just be a lurker instead. I think that's what I'm going to start doing from now on.
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