JMBA undervalued

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  1. Thanks P&D. I think this was a classic situation where trader and investor psychology ignored other important factors and drove the price way down creating a situation where the risk going long was actually lower even though it appeared the stock was in a free-fall. I wish I had added to my position.

    Oh time...I'm in this stock for the long haul. I expect that it may take another downturn, but long-term, I think it's a no brainer. (unless fundamentals change making me think otherwise)
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  3. Thanks for posting that article Bob! It's good to see validation by others. But like you said, it basically goes without saying, considering how much it bounced last week that many others saw it as being very much undervalued.
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  4. POS is back to 5.30 and tagged on another 20%. Overdone dead cat bounce IMHO. Good luck to longs in this one. I say it drops to low $4 range by end of week.
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