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Discussion in 'Forex' started by headcutter, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. I do not think anyone will urgently need the JMA.
    The T3 is a good alternative as well.
    In any way, it is only a moving average, my opinion is,
    if you are unprofitable without the JMA, you will be
    unprofitable with the JMA as well.

    Also, the samples on jurikres seem a little bit exaggerated
    to me. You will not realize a dramatic difference to other
    (free) smoothers in reality.
  2. just21


    What are the most profitable ways to use moving averages? I like the reversal at the 20 period back in the direction of the trend when adx is greater than 30. What ways do people look at moving averages?
  3. what exacly is the T3? anywhere to read about it?
  4. use google to find out more about the triple exponential
    moving average
  5. ohh ok thanks it is the triple exponential
  6. nitro


    When you look at the T3's frequency response, you will see that the default damping coefficient is too high, resulting in amplification at low frequencies. This may have been fixed in recent versions...

    Jurik's JMA does not have this problem.