Jittery feeling before and while in trade

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by oraclewizard77, Jul 19, 2008.

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    You ever get a jittery feeling when you are in a trade or before the trade?
  2. bespoke


    only after i've averaged down 5 times and it still isn't working out
  3. auspiv


    only when i started trading 9 days ago.. its still there but not nearly as much
  4. my first trade i was shaking like a leaf..

    i made 13, 000 dollars from that trade.
  5. Lucrum


    My heart was pounding when I made the phone call to give my broker my very first
    order. Bought 100 HAS around 17 7/8 I think it was. Took a 1/8 loss several weeks later.

    If your consistently nervous it may be you don't have much confidence in either your method or in yourself as in having the discipline to follow it.
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    Well, I put my business plan into effect. For example, I wrote down my trading rules. I decided to stop trading for the day after a loss. Big problem for me is that I want to try to make back the loss and will increase contracts which means a 2nd bigger loss.

    If I follow the rules, the trading is profitable with real money. Problem is lack of discipline when I take the loss.
    Only good news is I saw what you call in poker a "tell". It was a new pattern I found in a lower time zone that is helpful for me to stay on the right side of the market.

    I need to stick to fixed contract size for awhile. I took a good trade yesterday but it was still more contracts than I should have done compared to account size.

  7. Good lord if you are experiencing heart palpitations when you trade


    This means that most likely you are potential emotional wrecks about to lose your entire account!

    Would you enter a poker tournament with heart palpitations? Doubtful!

    Don't you think your money deserves a calm steward?

    Take a step back, practice til you no longer feel these overwhelming sensations, then trade.

    You'll be glad you did :)

    -Hedgefund Jim
  8. Yes. This is not normal? The key is not getting emotions too involved. I still haven't mastered it, though.
  9. Everyone gets that don't worry. Here's waht ya do. go to Walgreens or CVs or whatevera dn go to the men section in pharmacy and get a product called "grow a set of balls".

    Hope this helps
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