Jindal: GOP Needs to Stop Saying 'Stupid Things'

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    Jindal: GOP Needs to Stop Saying 'Stupid Things'

    In the wake of Mitt Romney’s failed presidential bid, and subsequent comments about President Obama’s “gifts” to minorities and students, Louisiana Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal said the GOP needs to stop saying “stupid things.”

    Echoing his comments from earlier in the week, Jindal, the chairman of the Republican Governor Association, said that although he was proud to campaign for Romney, he disagreed with his recent remarks.

    “I absolutely reject what he said,” Jindal said on Fox News Sunday. “We as the Republican Party have to campaign for every vote and if we want people to like us we have to like them first, and, you don't start to like people by insulting them and saying their votes were bought.”

    Jindal said that the party needs to do a better job picking candidates who do not say “offensive” things, referencing Senate candidates Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock, both of whom drew sharp criticism for their comments about rape and pregnancy.

    “We also don't need to be saying stupid things,” he said. “Look, we had candidates in Indiana and Missouri that said offensive things that not only hurt themselves and lost us two Senate seats but also hurt the Republican Party across the board.”
  2. Piyush campaigning for 2016.He's a damn fool if he thinks he has any chance at The White House
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    Tsing Tao

    The left says a whole lot of stupid things. The main stream media just makes sure it's buried. That is the big difference.
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    Yep, and teenie bopper Katy Perry fan boys like IQ47 think the GOP has a lock on saying stupid things because of it.
  5. Thinking about Katy again huh Low T ED Luke :cool:
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    No, read again very slowly. Laughing out loud at your teenie bopper ass for attending Katy Perry concerts AND being dumb enough to admit it.
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  8. Do you have any opinion about what policies Obama should do?
    What should he do about Isreal?
    What about Myanmar? Why go there?

    What a waste of time bringing up old speculations about elections.

    Next are you going to move the the trading section and pull up unsuccessful trades.

    Time for you to move on.
  9. Disagree,it shows how clueless most ET republicans are
  10. With 400,000 key votes out of 110 million switching, Romney would have won.
    Anyone who thought they knew who was going to win is fooled by randomness. Something only traders are aware of.
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