JimSinclair has been spot on for a long time!

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  1. I have been following the guidelines of Jim Sinclair for a few years and have had great benefit. His last comments below.


    Posted On: Tuesday, December 11, 2007, 6:23:00 PM EST

    Gold and Dollar Market Summary

    Author: Jim Sinclair

    Dear Extended Family:

    Don't be fooled by today's market. The Fed is running a BLUFF as they are out of aces. There is simply no possibility, way or means of being HAWKISH in the face of a meltdown wherein major financial entities of all kinds are simply going too broke to be rescued. These losses are the largest in my life of 66 years. This is the worst financial crisis in modern history and the degree of liquidity that has to injected into the world monetary system is without precedent. Soon the US FEDERAL BUDGET DEFICIT WILL EXPLODE UPWARDS, THE TIC WILL GO NET NEGATIVE AND THE DOLLAR WILL DROP LIKE AN F-22 IN A VERTICAL DIVE WITH AFTERBURNERS FLAMING.

    I feel compassion for those that did today fall for the Fed Bluff by throwing away gold, throwing away good gold shares and even worse, maybe buying the dollar or covering the short. Today's Fed action in the great scheme of things is a scheme doomed to failure by the reality of the meltdown.

    When business is scared to death that things might be falling off a cliff the failure to cut 1/2 to a full point is going to bite the Fed in the ass. As more and more poor business reports come in the dollar will swoon. Gold will rocket and the shares that participated well even to today's morning will be the unquestioned leaders of the pack.

    Don't let Ben the poker player BLUFF you out of a pot of gold, your only insurance policy possible which will protect you from the problem that has NO PRACTICAL SOLUTION.

    We are on an Express Train to Armageddon in the financial sense. Don't let Ben the Great Fooler, make a fool out of you. Hang tight using fishing lines to buy and Rhino horns to sell if you must trade.

    Gold is going to $1050 and onward to $1650.

  2. Nothing against Jim, because I've been a gold bull since 2002, but ..

    No Shit Sinclair!:D
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