Jimmy Young feedback wanted

Discussion in 'Forex' started by toddanderson, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. I am looking for feed back on jimmy young system, program
    has anyone used it ?
    Is it worth the $ 1,300.00 dallors

  2. traderob


    I spent a month or two in Jimmy's room a couple of years back. He was good, but I paid considerably less than the price you mention.
  3. stu


    You've paid for ex. Ohh how could you!!
  4. i followed him a year or so ago , Claimed he was a big time banker . He seem to know his stuff on fundamental stuff but wasnt very profitable. It all comes down to technical analysis in my opinion
  5. System sellers. System buyers.
    Again & again. History repeats itself.
  6. virgin


    2004-2006 Independent FX Trader
    2003-2004 FX Trader Societe Generale Bank
    2000-2003 FX Trader Bank Julius Baer
    1997-2000 FX Trader Fuji Bank
    1994-1996 FX Trader Erste Bank
    1993-1994 FX Trader Bank Indosuez
    1991-1993 FX Trader Erste Bank
    1989-1991 FX Trader Hill Samuel Bank
    1987-1989 FX Trader Manufacturers Hanover
    1983-1987 FX Trader Banque Paribas
    1982-1983 FX Trader European American Bank

    I happen to know someone who works
    in the trading division of one of those banks and he told me that no Jimmy Young has ever worked worldwide with
    that bank.

    Enough said. (scam)
  7. I don't know about Jimmy, but there are a lot of people scamming public in forex.

    Even if they are scamming you, the question becomes are you walking away with profits year over year with them. Lot of systems will have unprofitable periods, but over time they come out ahead.

    Many people don't have staying power, but the only reason to trade forex is volatility. Everything else is too irrational. Forex trades in huge price bands. And you hope by:

    1) Entering in the middle, you position turns to profit at one point or another.

    2) By entering at outside edge of bands, the price reverts to mean of the band.

    The bands themselves trend, so you can play a trend based system with it as long as you enter at the edge of a band, with a large stop loss.

    Even with this, to minimize risk:

    1) Enter only positions in the direction of the bands trend but at the retracement edge.

    2) Enter a stop loss befitting the market, not your account size. If your account size wont let you enter a stop loss size befitting the market, then you shouldn't be trading that market.

    Lot of the long term players who have had positions for months in certain pairs, only exit when the long term trend is giving indications of failure.
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    Hi all,
    I read with concern what some post says here....
    Because i am about to sign up for the eurusdtrader...
    Am on their wating list as the current month is full.
    Could any one please give me more feedback?