Jimmy Rogers interview

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  2. He's really eccentric.

    And I think he's also 1000% right.
  3. I totally agree with Jim Rodgers.
    I have been saying the same exact thing for years.
    The Fed is little more than a charity organization for the rich and greedy on Wall Street.
  4. You are right; and It has been and always will been hijack the rest of American(maybe the rest of world) in the name of protecting the stability of the market.
  5. LMFAO.. Rogers is awesome. All I have to say is, I concur
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    One of the guys was shock when he heard him say that their need to be a washout of some of those financial companies. I can't believe their are people out there drinking the fed kool-aid.
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    Yeah, I liked it when they asked him what he would do
    if he were Bernake.

    " I'd Resign..... and I'd disband the FED ! "

    Lots of laughs from the CNBC Crew ........

    But it ain't funny..... . that's just what should happen.
    We'd sort ourselves out after awhile.....and get back to the Gold standard....... always has worked....always will...and fractional reserve banking never has worked and never will work.

    But then...... I'm just pipe dreamin'.
  8. Is there any truth to that Maserati part? :D
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    Who's that woman?
    I might buy her for my basement. I quite like the way she's put together.
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