Jimmy Rogers BLASTS Greenspan.

Discussion in 'Economics' started by taodr, May 13, 2003.

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    Anyone else see Jimmy Rogers in the past 24 hours dump on Greenspan. I agree Greenspan has screwed up big time but I don't hear Jimmy spell his alternative measures.
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    I really enjoyed Jim's straight talk, it takes a lot of courage to get out there and say what you really think.

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    Of course not. 1. DRAMATICALLY reduce the size of Gummint, 2. STOP DEFICIT SPENDING, and 3. Get the damn Gummint out of the markets. What politician wants to hear that?
  4. Noticed Jimmy's new book (Adventure Capitalist) is out today. The reviewer's comments on Amazon weren't very complimentary. Curious if anyone reads the book and can provide a comparison with his first (Investment Biker) which I liked.

    He probably made more money over the past three years driving around the world than everyone on ET did trading!?:)
  5. IMO, Greenspan got way too much credit for the boom and now likely is getting or will get too much criticism for the slowdown. Remember, he played a large part in setting up the Oct 87 meltdown.

    Last I saw Rogers, he was on CNBC warning about the coming reignition of inflation and that was about 5 years ago.



    Remember, the second law of economics:

    For each economist who holds an opinion, there is a second economist who has an equal but opposite opinion and they are both wrong.
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    I was told by someone he put on massive shorts before he went and left day to day trading to winners like us.
  7. What's funny is how he blasted Greenspan for taking excessive inflationary moves, while Larry Kudlow prevously blasted Greenspan for not taking enough actions to reflate the economy.

    Who's right? Rogers seems to be one of the few people I've seen worried about long term inflation / rising interest rates, but interest rates are at historical lows and the vast majority of analysis seems to be more concerned with the threat of Japan-like deflation.
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    Listen Jimmy has made millions. Kudlow is a talker, he relies on wages.
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