Jimmy Carters Grandson is a Bigger Loser than Jimmy Carter

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    "WASHINGTON (AP) — Midway through a routine Internet search, James Carter IV stumbled upon a video that just didn't seem right.

    The grandson of former President Jimmy Carter and a self-fashioned Democratic opposition researcher, the younger Carter had watched countless hours of footage of Republican Mitt Romney and made it a habit to search YouTube every few days for keywords like "Romney" and "Republicans.""

    "For Carter, whose Twitter profile notes he's looking for work, his success in unearthing the video was followed by a string of job offers Tuesday, from the Ohio Democratic Party to online news sites like The Huffington Post and ThinkProgress."

    Let me get this straight James Carter IV is the grandson of a former President, he is 35 and unemployed and spends his days looking for videos of Romney and republicans on Youtube in his underwear. That my friends is a LOSER.

    Worst thing about it is, he probably feels like a victim and is one of the 47% living off the government. No wonder he was so offended by the video. Well the truth hurts pal.
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    That's funny. Why couldn't he get a job on the family peanut farm shelling peanuts or help making Billy Beer? Too, lazy?
  3. Obviously some kind of mental disorder. Report him to health services for admittance to a mental asylum.
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    The DNC?
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    I saw him on anderson cooper.
    He seems kind of average... nothing special maybe a little below ave intelligence like his grandfather, without the political b.s.

    Note... jimmy carter was not a nuclear scientist.... that was crap made up by leftists.

    also please note, I am not endorsing the writers (below) feelings about nuclear power.

    I enjoyed your story about new efforts to recycle nuclear fuel. It is definitely the right thing to do; our current once-through cycle only extracts about 3-5% of the potential energy of the initial fuel loads.
    One myth correction, however. President Carter was a submarine officer, but he was not a nuclear engineer.
    He graduated from the US Naval Academy in June 1946 (he entered in 1943 with the class of 1947, but his class was in a war-driven accelerated 3 year program) with an undesignated bachelor of science degree. Even if the Naval Academy had offered a majors program for his class, it is unlikely that it would have included Nuclear Engineering as a option – after all, the Manhattan Project was a dark secret for most of his time at Annapolis.
    After graduation, Jimmy Carter served as a surface warfare officer for a two years and then volunteered for the submarine force. He served in a variety of billets, including engineer officer of diesel submarines and qualified to command submarines.
    In November 1952, he began a three month temporary duty assignment at the Naval Reactor branch. He started nuclear power school (a six month course of study that leads to operator training) in March, 1953. In July 1953, his father passed away and he resigned his commission to run the family peanut farm. He was discharged from active duty on 9 October, 1953. According to an old friend of mine who served as Rickover’s personnel officer at Naval Reactors, LT Carter did not complete nuclear power school because of the need to take care of business at home.
    The prototype for the USS Nautilus was completed in Idaho in May 1953, so LT Carter might have had some opportunity to see it in action before leaving the Navy. However, the USS Nautilus did not go to sea until January 17, 1955, so there is no possibility that he ever qualified to stand watch on a nuclear powered submarine.
    He never experienced the incredible gift of being able to operate a power plant that was so clean that it could run inside a sealed submarine, so reliable that it could power that submarine even deep under the Arctic ice, and so energy dense that the submarine could operate for years without new fuel.
    When I think about the 1976 campaign and the importance of the energy issue at that time, I cannot help but wonder why Jimmy Carter’s promoters made such a big deal about his nuclear expertise. My wonder turns to cynicism when I think about the policies that his administration imposed and the damage that they did to the growth of the industry just at a time when we most needed a vibrant new energy industry player.
    Best regards,
    Rod Adams
    Editor, Atomic Insights
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    So, just like Obama, Jimmy Carter's life story is mostly a lie. Why am I not surprised. Yet, all the liberal loons fall for this stuff - I guess it helps when you get your giverment check in the mail and you thank Jimmy or Obama for working hard at stealing from others just to get you that check.

  7. Watched him being interviewed last night. Not the sharpest tool in the shed.
  8. Carter's grandson could argue whats so different from what he is doing and you posting here all day.
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    Simple. I am employed.