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  1. he said bush is the worst president in the us.
    he's 100% rt.
  2. Carter's just trying to push someone else into the hole he's occupied for the last 30 years. At the rate Bush is going, Carter will get his wish and he'll only be the second worst president in US history.
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    carter's right on this one

    i have nothing in common with the democrat party

    but bush's presidency has been a never ending root canal

    the guy just never stops coming up with new disasterous ideas

    bush may well be worse than LBJ, my vote for worst modern president

    American life was golden when LBJ took office (well, except for assasination) - he turned everything into sh*t by 1968, and the damage he did never stops (LBJ & Ted's 1965 immigration disaster)
  4. LBJ was worse than Bush
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    Bush is competing as hard as he can, and may win the title
  6. Worse than LBJ and Carter??? Come on.

    Man I sure do miss those 20+% interest rates!
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    carter was by no means a great president, but one component of a presidency is the place in the federal reserve cycle - carter got the worst end of a process that began in 1966

    it made clinton look much better than he was, and made carter look worse than he was

    it even made bush look worse than he was, for the first few years
  8. On top of the 20% interest rates, lets not forget about inflation DOUBLING in his 4 years, 7.5% unemployment rates, and the wonderful handling of the energy crisis and hostage crisis. We'd be doomed if we get another "Carter" in office.
    I'd vote Bush any year over Carter.
  9. Carter got screwed by US military losers at Desert One or whatever it was called.

    Gave them one thing to do and they blew it - failing their country and those hostages.

    Simple as that.
  10. A liberal supporting the troops again.....

    The Delta Force guys were handed an impossible mission. Equipment wasn't suited to the desert sand there, and really, to say that they were given one thing to do displays utter ignorance of the facts.

    And then Carter's SecDef gave orders that they shouldn't shoot to kill anyone while they were rescuing the hostages. Their orders were to SHOOT THEM IN THE SHOULDER instead.....

    Charlie Beckwith - the originator of the concept of the Delta Force - was a warrior to the end, and he took all the blame to protect his CIC. But to blame the DF for the failure is utter tripe......
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