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    Amidst leftist' renewed effort to paint President Reagan as a racist, a speach by a certain leftist president by the name of Jimmy Carter has turned up.

    It was from 1979, and was reviewed in a time mag article:

    "Slamming a fist against his desk, Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson last week postponed plans to endorse Jimmy Carter and angrily exclaimed: "Is there no white politician I can trust?" Jesse Jackson, director of Chicago's Operation PUSH, called Carter's views "a throwback to Hitlerian racism." Mayor Richard Hatcher of Gary, Ind., declared: "We've created a Frankenstein's monster with a Southern drawl, a more cultured version of the old Confederate at the schoolhouse door." Added Civil Rights Activist Bayard Rustin of New York: "He is only giving ammunition to those who would divide America. [He has] a big smile with no heart."

    What outraged the black leaders was Carter's ill-considered remarks last week about neighborhood integration.

    One of his phrases, "ethnic purity," particularly offended many blacks and whites. The episode had overnight become the cause celebre of the campaign and sent the Carter camp reeling. Was this one of those fatal slips that can destroy a candidate? For the first time in what had been a near faultless campaign to reach the White House, the candidate had stumbled badly. He had confidently fielded highly complex issues, from abortion to defense spending, yet he ignited a brushfire over race—just as white liberals were beginning to swing behind him and his broad support among blacks was being widely noted (TIME, April 5).

    The furor began when Carter was asked in Indianapolis to explain his recent statement that there was "nothing wrong with ethnic purity being maintained" in neighborhoods. Carter replied that he wholeheartedly supports open-housing laws that make it a crime to refuse to sell or rent a house or apartment on the grounds of race, color or creed. But he opposes Government programs "to inject black families into a white neighborhood just to create some sort of integration." Said he: "I have nothing against a community that is made up of people who are Polish, or who are Czechoslovakians, or who are French Canadians or who are blacks trying to maintain the ethnic purity of their neighborhoods. This is a natural inclination."

    see the whole thing at http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,914056,00.html
    and then decide if this was not more offensive than anything Reagan supposedly did.
  2. One could say that Carter criticized Israel for trying to maintain ethnic purity in their struggles with the Palestinians.