Jimmy Carter--shut up

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  1. I see that Jimmy Carter has felt it appropriate to declare that war with Iraq would not fit his interpretation of the "just war" doctrine. While I regard anything he says as a reliable contrary indicator, I think he has crossed an important line here. It has long been the tradition that ex-presidents did not directly criticize theri successors and refrained from meddling in policy, particularly foreign policy, after they were out of office. Of course, Bill Clinton has failed to adhere to this tradition, but no one expects him to act in an honorable manner after having tarnished his office for 8 years. Carter is another matter, as he has often been cited as the ideal ex-president because of his relatively innocuous activities and avoidance of scandal.

    For those too young to remember, our current probelms in the Middle East are largely due to his disastrous incompetence as president from 1976-80. He greased the skids for an important though flawed ally, the Shah of Iran, to be replaced by a motley collection of murderous Islamic radicals who imposed a repressive dictatorship on Iran. To this day they support the most extreme terrorism and are a charter member of the axis of evil.

    With this record one would think Carter would have reservations about offering any opinions on the Middle East. Apparently the attraction of strutting on the world stage and moral posturing for the benefit of european america-haters is too great to pass up. So Jimmy Carter, a word of advice--do the one thing even you can't foul up and shut the fuck up.
  2. LMAO

    ...who trained and armed bin laden?

    ...who trained and armed Saddam??

    I could go on about the Iran-Contra scandal, the S&L scandals, the list goes on forever...

    blaming Carter for the middle east is like blaming Jesus for sin.
  3. bungrider,

    Your "facts" are at best arguable, but even assuming they are as damning as you think, there is a big difference in unintended consequences and the sheer incompetence of the carter administration.
  4. OK you're right. My "facts" about Saddam and Bin Laden are soooooooooooo arguable, they never happened, right?

    Sorry. I'm definitely wrong here.

    Repubs are in denial. I see this constantly. If something goes against the Repub creed, just deny it. HELL, it "worked" for Reagan with the Iran-Contra scandal.

    Damn that Carter!!

    Go Bush!

  5. "NO NEW TAXES!!!"

    No new taxes?? That's RIGHT! NO NEW TAXES from 1988-1992. DAMN STRAIGHT!! We Republicans HATE taxes and HATE BIG GOVERNMENT.

    Department of Homeland Security?? THAT'S NOT BIG GOVERNMENT. We HATE big government. We don't know WHAT the hell you're talking about there.

    "CONSUMPTION TAX?? We never said that. You Democrats are CRAZY. We're the GOOD GUYS here. We LOVE the working man, and hell, we want him to pay LESS TAXES.

    Expensive war? NO! Come on! This thing'll take like 2 days. We'll be in and out, just like Afghan--- I mean...that Carter was a real WIMP!! And Kennedy?? Bay Of Pigs?? What a pussy. We republicans are ASS KICKERS. We showed that Taliban. We were in and out in like--- That Clinton! Womanizer! He tarnished that sacred office, with his SEXUAL acts! Our GREAT leaders -- Reagan and Bush --- they NEVER tarnished that office! Contra scandal?? WHAT contra scandal?? THEY were GREAT MEN! WHO IS Bin Laden?? We've NEVER heard of him before. Those IRANIANS! THEY'RE THE PROBLEM!! WE ARMED Saddam to FIGHT THOSE--- I mean, we're DEDICATED TO FIGHTING THOSE DIRTY ARABS!
  6. DRUGS?? Drugs are evil! Cocaine! Devil's powder. I never did cocaine!! I think the taliban and all the other drug pushers are EVIL! Oil??? Taliban in Texas, visiting?? NO! They've never been to Texas!! DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS!! The Bush family, doing business with the Taliban??? NEVER. We hate those dirty Arabs!! Saddam??! We NEVER gave him 3million dollars from the CIA. It musta been Clinton, probably over there smokin' HASH with Saddam.

    Family Values!!!!!!!!! We LOVE family values!! Good, wholesome, Christian, MIDDLE CLASS WHITE FAMILY VALUES!! Don't mess with Texas!! LOTSA family values there. LOTS OF 'EM. REAL PEOPLE!! I love real people. REHAB?? Bush kids in REHAB?? NO. NO WAY. Our children have GOOD, DECENT, FAMILY VALUES. Hell, they're Christian!! FAMILY VALUES.


    There aren't any BUSH CHILDREN in rehab. I NEVER did coke or drove drunk. NOT-A-ONCE. Never. Damn that Clinton and all his womanizing. DIRTY Clinton...that cigar story makes me WANNA PUKE! And that Carter?? That DIRTY HIPPIE. Pansies, all of 'em. Dirty, free-lovin' pot-smokin' HIPPIES. All of those damn Democrats. Cocaine??? Yeah, I bet those DIRTY DEMOCRATS are doing COCAINE left and right. We're REPUBLICANS. CHRISTIAN SUBURBANITES!! We're the GOOD GUYS. We HATE drugs and we HATE the Taliban. Hell, if I ever saw an Arab in Texas I'd shoot the bastard if he was part of the TALIBAN. Because I have a BIG GUN. GUNS don't KILL PEOPLE. Arabs do!! It's those DIRTY, COLORED drug dealers who shoot people, and I need my GUN TO PROTECT MY WHOLESOME, DRUG-FREE FAMILY from those DIRTY drug pushers, moving into MY neighborhood and trying to TAKE IT OVER. Rehab?? What REHAB?? None of us white, middle-class Christians in REHAB. You're crazy. That NEVER happened. Clinton, now THERE'S a guy who needs REHAB --- MORAL REHAB. He's so dirty and dishonest, that Clinton.

  7. :D
  8. rs7


    Yeah, let's not forget that maggot Newt Gingrich, Mr. Family Values himself. Only member of congress ever to leave his wife (told her while she was in the hospital) so she was left dependant on welfare to survive. Oh, and of course, the "Contract with America" was against welfare too. So if old Newt had his way, I guess it would have been cool if his ex-wife just starved to death.

    Family values:confused:

    Of course this all happened while Clinton was in office, so it couldn't have been Newt's fault....had to be that dirty rotten scoundrel Clinton....you know; the only guy that ever lied about sex.

  9. bung,

    You have definitely been watching too much James Carville.
  10. rs7,

    Don't get me started on Clinton. I just wish when he's backstabbing Bush he'd admit what a dreadful mistake he made when the sudanese offered up Osama bin Laden and he said, no thanks.
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