Jimmy Carter mostly leading in 1980 polls.

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  1. we all know how amazingly stupid polls are (mostly due to sampling error) but passed off as scientific.

  2. We are living in very different times.
  3. Now why dont you post all the times the polls had it right ,especially with modern polling

    The polls had Obama ahead of McCain,Bush ahead of Kerry,Clinton ahead of Dole , Clinton ahead of Bush and Bush ahead of Dukakis
  4. An example of how super accurate polling is..

    1980 electoral map. red = reagan.


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  5. Of course,which is why he had to go back to polls 32 years ago
  6. pspr


    I think polls have had a democrap bias for many, many years. The press and most polsters didn't just wake up in 2008 and decide they were liberals. They have been liberals for decades. They just felt compelled to disquise it better in earlier years.
  7. Kind of like saying, "We admit to being Socialists/Communists and you can't do JACK about it... We've already got 50+% of the electorate sucking the government tit, and those people will assure that we're going to remain in power, regardless".

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  8. The polls had Bush ahead of Kerry and Bush ahead of Dukakis
  9. Be careful what you wish for. Sampling error could certainly have Romney behind instead of ahead where he might truly be at this time. Sampling error could also have Obama ahead by a nose instead of a larger margin, where he might truly be at this time.