Jimmy Carter is seriously POed about being compared to The One

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    You gotta read it to believe it. No, this is not a joke, it is not satire. It's true - and it's from a libtard website (huffingtonpost):

    Jimmy Carter Objects To Article Comparing His Foreign Policy To Obama's

    In last month's issue of Foreign Policy magazine, leading analyst and Iraq War supporter Walter Russell Mead opined that President Obama's foreign policy agenda was turning into a duplicate of Jimmy Carter's.

    The thesis was beyond speculative. Even by Mead's own admission, Obama's foreign policy is in its nascent stages. Right now, he writes, it "looks a little bit like that of Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger." Mead even suggests that the president is trying to pursue a "Jeffersonian" worldview -- in which the U.S. is militarily formidable but unexposed to regional crises. Either way, the Carter comparison was clearly meant as an insult. After all, the piece was titled "The Carter Syndrome."

    It would seem natural for Obama and his allies to find the piece somewhat insulting -- but the one raising the most stink so far is Carter himself.

    The former president penned a 1,500-word letter to the editor complaining about the article's treatment of his foreign policy legacy. That's followed by a second letter to the editor from Zbigniew Brzezinski, his national security adviser.

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    Actually the cover, I have the issue right here, says "[Well, Maybe]". You would do well to read this magazine regularly, by the way. But I predict you would find it leftwing.
  3. The only people I think that might be qualified to offer a valid opinion on Carter's foreign policy are the 53 Americans who were held hostage for 444 days from November 4, 1979 to January 20, 1981.
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    You are wrong, they are too emotionally involved to be the "only people".
  5. We have World War III in the making due to the Arab Prostitute Jimmy Carter's foreign policy. We all have a right to offer an opinion on his foreign policy not withstanding the pain that the 53 American hostages felt because of him because World War III will indubitably affect us all.
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    Really? Three days ago it was Obama's fault. Get your story straight.
  7. You're right. My post gives the wrong impression, I meant the 53 hostages opinion might make a more valid impression of Carters foreign policy than anything Carter might say for himself.
  8. Hussein will complete the job to World War III. Jimmy Carter the Arab Prostitute started the job.

    Some people are so dimwitted everything has to be explained to them step by step. :)
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    Sure. So how did you miss that Sarah Palin will save us? I mean, it follows, based on the logic you've given us.
  10. I never ventured an opinion about Sarah Palin one way or the other. Don't tell me that you are going to do a Tresor now, and make up things about me or statements that I have made. One Tresor just like one I Am aka Jesus is sufficient for this forum.
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