Jim & Tammy Faye one generation later

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  1. Find the post that I said this ("who the F***"), and I'll apologize.
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  2. You forced me to say it out plainly and just robbed all fun from this thread.

    By "snark" I mean that my first post was intentionally contradictory. If you read other of my posts in other threads, then you surely would recognize that this post does not represent my views. I was merely extrapolating the quote in your post to an extreme to highlight its inconsistency. So yes, the conflict was in my post, which you recognized, but it was an extension of what you originally quoted, which you didn't.

    I have no trouble reading others' posts, thank you very much. Jem certainly puts a lot of thoughts in his posts, that's what made the discussion with him so fun. But his understanding of science is very superficial. This is a free forum and I have no obligation to directly address every single post. James Bond is my hero, but not my real name so I don't have to worry about making James Bond look good either. :D If people don't understand my posts, it's their problem, not mine. The only reward I get from this forum is entertainment. I can care less what someone else wants from me.

    BTW, not that I want to get the "last word." It just feels rude not to reply to your questions.
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  3. Turok


    Oh C'mon JB3 -- now I KNOW you don't read well (or else your just playing the troll...I'm not sure which at this point). You know damn well you just SNIPPED OUT the part of that post which clearly demonstrates I DIDN'T MISQUOTE YOU.

    Here is what you chose to snip:
    >Turok: "I believe 'A'".
    >JB3: "You're wrong -- "B" is clearly correct".
    >JB3: "and BTW, who the F*** made you the expert?"

    Here is what I actually wrote:
    >Now talk about contradiction (or hypocrisy) JB3 -- those
    >two statements have it in spades. In other words...
    >Turok: "I believe 'A'".
    >JB3: "You're wrong -- "B" is clearly correct".
    >JB3: "and BTW, who the F*** made you the expert?"

    See the "In other words..." ??? In case you don't know, that means that what follows is a hypothetical exchange using different words but with similar meaning.

    No apology due and none given.

    See Ya.

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