Jim Simons

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ozzy, Feb 28, 2006.

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    careful with the heading. it's one of his employees and not him that is the subject here.
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    True. My bad. Too many things happening this morning.
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    Jim is my idol in trading. The guys that he recruited must have Einestein's IQ. But they are just human being and do the same silly things as others.
  5. Gold diggers can drive you crazy and ruin your life.
  6. any idea if the blogger is a real life trader for a HF ?
  7. Holy crap, that guy lives about a mile from my house! I live in the same town where Jim Simmons hedge fund is. I didn't even know it was there untill I heard about it last year.
  8. Wonder what his wife did to make him lose it. What type of "psycho factory" is Simons running over there?