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  1. Just came back from attending a seminar with Q&A by Jim Rogers.
    For the interested, I'll summarize it.
    His main views were: bond bull market is coming to an end, stocks are range bound for the next decade, commodities in a bull market. He was bearish on the USD, long EURO for a trade and bullish Singapore Dollar and Renminbi.
    He also said: move to Asia and learn Mandarin if you want to do business, or go into farming in South America or Africa.
    His trading tip was: buy the panic.
    He said he was a bad trader himself, but I don't think that's true.
    Pretty funny, relaxed guy.
  2. How much did you have to pay for this piece of gem?
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  4. Bond bull market has come to an end already. Othwrwise, his points are good expect the fact that if all these happen, there will be a depression with deflation and the dollar will go to the sky because the euro will dissolve to what it was composed from, actually plain crap + mark.
  5. He definitely is a bad trader in the short term, his timing is not very good, but he has patience and conviction in his angles and they work out far more often than they do not. He is truly one of the best in the business.
  6. He has had some really good trader/advisors in his office in Singapore that have a really good track record. His downfall is his doesn't listen to them.
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    That's funny. :)
  8. I would agree with the renminbi, but how liquid is the renminbi?

    Also, what does he mean buy the panic? No one in their right mind would buy into a market at the start of a panic...
  9. Love the guy, but he's starting to sound like a broken record. That's the same exact advice he's given in every media interview for 2-3 years..
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    Long term predictions, why would he change them?
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