Jim Rogers throws his support behind Ron Paul!!!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by chaosclarity, Aug 28, 2011.

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    The nice thing about having lots of money is that you can say what you really want to say. And there is some real value to listening to those opinions because you understand that they are uttered of one's free will without any threat of reprisal. They could be wrong. They could be right. But because you know they are coming at you without political baggage they are at least worth listening to.
  2. everyone should vote for ron paul if they want to save america.

    some of his beliefs are out of wack but his core ideas are what america needs, and he's the only politician that will actually force change and not worry about election votes.

    ps i have voted democrat all my life.
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    Get real.
  4. They can be free of political baggage, but are they free of motives of personal gain. ;D
  5. screw US, people in US are too stupid to elect Ron Paul as president. Jim Rogers moved out US already, the super rich already abandoned US.

    The race will be 2 CIA connected candidate, likely between Rick Perry and Obama, Ron Paul will probably have to run independent, which will split vote from GOP.
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    The only hope of permabears to ever make money shorting US equities is to elect someone who advocates the gold standard and wants to abolish the FED. It is clear that the FED actions have done a lot of damage to permabears and they want it abolished.
  7. I feel like Ron Paul is the only non corrupt politician left in this country.
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    Actually, it's much more clear that the Fed has done a lot of damage to the US economy and indeed, the world economy.
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