Jim Rogers: The Federal Reserve will FAIL!!!

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    Yeah, baby. EPIC FAIL!!!

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    Didn't know the Dutch word for Gold is Goud. Why don't they just put an L in there and be like normal people? :D

    And an extra special bonus - Dr. Ron Paul on the G-20 meeting.

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  2. "The busines cycle demand for commodities lowering is a temporary thing?"

    How can he be so sure? Especially since more expensive credit will put a damper on demand.

    He already blew it with the USD. Going to listen to him again? I think not.
  3. W4rl0ck


    How did he "blow it" on the USD?

    He's long Yen and the Remimbi (sp?), not short the $ AFAIK. He's not trading currency pairs, he's holding.

    He also said a few months back he was using this run up to get out of the remainder of his $USD.

    Probably not a bad idea.

  4. He warned of the inevitable collapse of the USD. The USD is about the only currency not being devalued.

    Also, in currency trading there is no such thing holding without trading. You have to sell something to get something else.

    It is not possible for him to get out of the USD without being short the USD.
  5. How many has Rogers busted out with his hold commodes forever call.
  6. According to what figures? Certainly not these....
    That is only partly true. Jim Rogers can convert USD's into anything, HKD's, the AUD, or some tangible asset. It is difficult to not be "trading" the dollar anywhere around the world because the USD is a staple, a relatively historical benchmark for properly measuring value, due to a number of factors (which can change). However, unless Jim wants to buy oil in the world mkt (which is/has changed), he can freely exchange USD's into HKD's and AUD's, and then exchange those currencies Hong Kong for example without being directly exposed to the USD (aforementioned caveats aside)

    All fiat currencies rely on this relative measure of value, with an assumption by both parties involved in the exchange thereof, there is a finite or relatively finite characteristic(s) to the aforementioned medium of exchange.

    The movement on the scale of goods, from the lower to the higher order, and vice versa, is an inherent feature of an economic system.

    Inflate or even hyper-inflate your currency and eventually there will be a movement towards the lower order of goods, tangible assets, i.e. those with the greatest store of value. That is when we begin to exchange wheat for rice, and rice for a haircut:)
  7. piezoe


    I think Rogers is talking about what is bound to happen eventually, not tomorrow, not next year, but eventually. I agree. The basic Commodities have always been a refuge in times of inflation. And if we don't see out-sized ininflation eventually, it will be the first time in modern history that wild borrowing to cover unbelievable deficits without a large increase in productivity has not led to hyperinflation. At this point i don't see any spectacular increase in productivity in the US economy coming down the pike.
  8. You have to remember the average holding time here on ET is less than the average person takes to take a piss....

    So what you often get is splashback, and nothing to take home ....

    Which describes the worth of people's "trader opinions" on here.

  9. Why do you think Flint, Michigan is being built up? The industrial boom is coming, just wait.

    Japan actually tried to induce hyper-inflation, didn't work.
  10. Does Rogers even trade? I've heard lots of folks say they couldn't even tell where or with whom he even traded.
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