Jim Rogers Supports Ron Paul for President - FT

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by achilles28, Oct 30, 2007.

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  2. COOL!!! :cool:
  3. ajna


    Does this mean it's time to short Ron Paul?
  4. excellent...thnx
  5. anything Republican but Hillary!
  6. Oh god...if bowtie man likes him, then I have to look elsewhere.
  7. Seriously. Like this will have any such effect on the primaries in 100 days.
  8. Ron Paul will fail
  9. HAHA...hilarious...
    I guess that means he will fail in 2008, but win in 2012...?

    Jimmy's always early...

    Fuck, I love jimmy Rogers..anyone who bashes him, especially from this group of ET cuntraggers, must be just plain retarded like Borat's brother...
  10. The only way he fails is because the American people are DUMB with a capital D.
    They will vote for an authoritative demogogue before a peace loving guy who actually promotes fiscal responsibility..
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