Jim Rogers sold all emerging market positions, except China

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  1. I think Jim's a genius and so underrated in the general press and media. Doesn't seem like many people really "get" his track record.

    -Up thousands of percent in the 70's with Soros (this is pretty much undisputed).

    -Major calls in the 80's and 90's. In his Market Wizards interview, he said he was long bonds in 81 and 82. Short stocks going into the '87 crash. Predicted Japanese crash.

    He's been hugely bearish on the dollar, and to be fair, it hasn't gone against him in 20 years (I think he'll ultimately be proven right).

    He's missed it by a mile in other areas (being bearish on US shares in the 90s). He's missed other emerging markets.

    But since 98, pounding the table on commodities, pounding the table on China, now selling out of emerging markets, what more could you ask for.

    In 5, 10, 15 years, when he's played commodities to the top, when the dollar is much weaker, when stocks and bonds are flat to down since the late 90's, I hope more people see his incredible track record.
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    Loaded with EEM puts so happy to read this, he is one of the greats and good to know he is on my side of the trade.
  3. Rereading adventure capitalists. Great book. Got to love how he shamelessly cuts up governments and NGO's around the world. This is in my top 5. Love how he said he was short the financials on tv a few months back.

    "I'm short you guys" - his interview with Maria B.
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    Yes I think he is very underrated i have been listening to him since 1994 and he has made some great calls along with some howlers but overall when he wins he wins 10X so he comes out on top.
    Off the top of my head all of these went 8 X to 10 X after he called them

    rmi titanium
    Vespa wind power
    american airlines
    pepper futures
    rio tinto
    european defense companies
    commodities as a class
    seats on the commodity exchanges
    seat on the australian exchange
    water stocks
    another french oil com
    lone star steel
    anglo eastern plantations

    some duds
    a venezualan paint company
    intel short calls
    number of other shorts

    I have written to him many times though not recently and he was always courteous enough to reply.
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    Its been a long, long time since the emerging markets have sold off, last minor correction was last May of 2006, thats been it since. Some of these emerging markets are up over 350% in the last 4 years. When they do eventually correct its going to be a fast 30-40% correction.
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    I too am a big fan of Jim Rogers. There's no BS from that guy. Does anyone know if he's been able to sell his house in Manhattan? I assume that since he no longer appears on the Saturday morning Fox business show that he has already moved overseas. Can anyone confirm this?
  7. another broken clock overrated prognosticator
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    some trades he's currently in (initiated last couple of years or slightly more)
    Japan airlines
    Japan index
    china stocks - of all kinds think singapore hk and taiwan
    in particular commodity, travel, entertainment, and power sectors
    Japanese entertainment stocks
    japanese baby stocks
    Yen Renminbi SGD NOK (CAD and AUD from the 90;s)
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    maybe but at least he has a sense of humour and takes interesting twists on things.

    My favourite one was when he proclaimed Colin Powell the next president of the US when most people still hadn't heard from him. If there were politcal shares back then that would have made good money.

    ANother classic was he predicted a rise in Christianity in the bible belt and his play was some music company called Chant.
    I don't know if that worked out or not.

    BUt who comes up with stuff like that.
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