Jim Rogers short Goldman Sachs? Currency problems will take it out...

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  1. ....or "problems" in the bond market, stock market, real estate market, derivatives market et al. There's "danger" everywhere. :eek:
  2. More likely Jim Rogers will be "taken down by currency problems".
  3. He probably would if he traded.
  4. gotta give him credit for always, always talking his book. Deep pockets are helpful when you are wrong as often as he is. :)
  5. I know for a fact that he is an active bowtie trader.
  6. Yeah, both he and Tom Keene have quite the collection.
  7. you have to admit, at least Tom Keene serves a useful purpose
  8. [​IMG]
  9. He got on a motorcycle with a babe half his age and went around the world.
    Then did it again with a custom made cycle and a sidecar sounding out investments in third world stops again with his hottie..
    Then wrote a book about it
    Recently sold his townhouse for 20m and moved to Chinawith wife and child.
    cheers john:D
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