jim rogers sells house and moves to asia

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  1. the wall street journal is reporting that famed commodity trader, jim rogers, is selling his 15 million dollar NYC townhouse and moving to asia.

    does anyone know what happened with the refco situation??

  2. Lol well he lost money and is short of funds and Asia has no extradition....

    So selling a house and moving overseas makes sense :D
  3. TGM


    Jim Rogers believes America is a financial mess/ethnic couldron that could explode at any time. He is moving to China so his little girl will become fluent in Chinese (she supposedly is already fluent but he is worried about her loosing the language in the States). Or that is what he is saying publicly. You will have many big names pulling out of the US in the months to come. Julian Roberston is gone and others have their exit visas and jets ready to go.

    Interesting, the big money is starting to shift out of the US.
  4. Pabst


    Does anyone have actual information into the Rogers/Refco saga? Is it resolved? Being litigated? Is the money lost? In escrow?
  5. TGM


    I don't believe the judge has ruled yet. Refco is a mess. He is being personally sued and this will go for quite a while. Now that you mentioned it ---maybe there is more than meets the eye to him leaving for china!
  6. jim rogers always likes to sell when things look best and buy when there is blood in the street. i guess that includes his house also.

  7. who is HE ? your post is unclear==refco ceo or rogers? why the law suit?

    His townhouse is only 26 feet wide. I cant belive 15 million~!

  8. TGM


    Jim Rogers is being personally sued by some of his investors in the Rogers Raw Material Fund.

    Because they LOST money and they believe it was his fault. It could go on for years.

  9. thanks
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    As you know TGM, since you're one of the best minds here, not to sound like Taleb but "big money" is rarely tantamount to infallibility. In fact both Robertson and Rogers have proven their fallibility. I've been a critic of the fiscal/social problems in the U.S. for some time. It's not just an American problem. Most would agree the World is a mess. Thus if the shit hits the fan I'd like most to be in the States. Give me a trillion dollar army, an English system of law, and our communications/medical/liquidity infrastructure. An American who moves to China or the Middle East for $$$ has shit for brains.
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