Jim Rogers Sees `Skyrocketing' Prices for Commodities

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    Jim Rogers Sees `Skyrocketing' Prices for Commodities (Update1)

    By Betty Liu and Eric Martin
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    Sept. 24 (Bloomberg) -- The Federal Reserve's interest rate cut was a mistake that will prompt ``skyrocketing'' agricultural prices worldwide, exacerbate a decline in the dollar and quicken inflation, investor Jim Rogers said.

    The ``clowns in Washington'' have ``signaled to the world they don't care about the U.S. dollar,'' Rogers said in an interview from Singapore. The Fed reduced its benchmark rate by half a percentage point to 4.75 percent last week.

    The commodities rally, which Rogers correctly predicted in 1999, may last 15 more years, he said. Oil may reach $150 a barrel during that time, he said.

    Rogers co-founded the Quantum Hedge Fund with George Soros in the 1970s. He traveled the world by motorcycle and car in the 1990s researching investment ideas for his books, which include ``Adventure Capitalist'' and ``Hot Commodities.''

    The dollar today fell to a record against the euro and weakened versus the yen on speculation U.S. growth is losing momentum, adding to pressure on the central bank to reduce interest rates again. The currency's slide has boosted gold as investors seek an alternative investment, lifting prices to the highest since 1980.

    Crude oil has surged more than 30 percent in the past year, and last week reached a record $83.90 a barrel in New York. Wheat set an all-time high of $9.1125 a bushel on Sept. 12 as world consumption is forecast to exceed production for the seventh time in eight years.

    U.S. stocks gained, with the Standard & Poor's 500 Index rising 1.78, or 0.1 percent, to 1,527.53 as of 11:03 a.m. in New York. Shares in developing economies also advanced, sending the Morgan Stanley Capital International Emerging Markets Index higher by 12.90, or 1.1 percent, to 1,174.04.
  2. Keep in mind that 150 oil isnt a big deal now if you take into account inflation
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    $150 is nothing, Lets make it $300 or even $500. $8-$10 at the pump would be no problem.

    Inflation, what inflation?

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  4. 150 oil is not that expensive, oil can do so much, it really was underpriced for the last century. People were so used to cheap oil that they took it for granted. Oil is such a vital commodity, the shieks have so much they basically gave the stuff away for the last 40 years.
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    Here's that complete interview from this morning (8.21 MB, 05:40):


    There's a slight audio sync issue in part 2... that doesn't detract from the usual great fun to hear Jim Rogers speak his mind. "Those dumb guys in Washington"... "the clowns in Washington"... "do you watch your Bloomberg?" - to the anchorwoman (incidentally, Betty Liu's very first day in that chair, hosting the 9-10 slot). Maybe that's why she swiftly cut him off in mid-sentence... twice. That'll show him. :p
  6. remember JR is pushing his agenda, promoting his positions.

    there is nothing wrong with this, just be aware it's a very biased opinion.

    sounds like a good time to short oil.


  7. Exactly how is a total US economic collapse...
    Compatible with record commodity prices?

  8. He doesn't have an agenda. He just despises sheer stupidity and says it like it is. He was smar to jump off the titanic before it hits the iceberg.
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    Yeah, you just keep believing that....

    I suppose Soros doesn't have an agenda either....
  10. Be sure to let us know when you jump in short, ok?
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