Jim Rogers sees short term rally in financials

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  1. is short term less than or greater than 24 hours in this market?
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    I listen to jim rogers but that call is tough to handle since they already bounced 10%+

    Ill wait till the XLF gets to $22.00
  3. Make it a couple of hours. :D
  4. He said he likes C at 8.
  5. I like C at 15.
  6. If you buy it at 15, does that mean you will like it twice as much if it hits 8 or only half as much?
  7. I love it at $0.01
  8. Entertaining interview, Rogers funny like always.
  9. 1) If you are in trouble => double

    2) funny enough everybody is just 1000 % sure that subprime mess will end up only in write downs....what about write ups ? Anybody taking into consideration the "possibility" that housing markets at some point "might" stabilize ? I don´t want to call for a bottom but you should think about what the FED is doing is to find some kind of equilibrium to all parties involved...mortgage debtors, mortage industry, investment banks, commercial banks, bond insurers....issue is not the fact that they are all in a mess...issue is :

    where is the equilibrium to be found ? Which measures ( FED, government, banks etc. ) need to be implemented in a fast and effective way ?

    I personally hope that FED is not undertaking same mistakes as BOJ over a decade ago...aggressive rate cuts more then justified....inflation ? who cares about inflation if depression is waiting around the corner ?

    While some people and especially the united media front is shouting and crying for a recession to come ( in order to justify how smart they have predicted it ), I hope for the best to happen - for all parties involved...

    No, I really do not HOPE that C is going under $ 15....
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