Jim Rogers said this, but I forgot...

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  1. he said, rather than wasting your $$$ and 2 years on an MBA, that to use that to open a trading account and trade.

    Anyone remember what he said after that, I mean to do after you run out of that $$$, and you wasted your 2 years?

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    maybe. russia has not been good a call and neother has indonesia. it doesn',t matter because some of the things he has told people to do have worked out well.
  5. Ripley,

    I don't remember the exact quote (I think it was in one of his books), he said...

    "Don't waste your money on Business School. Go out and start a business and learn about the real world."

    Jim's a big contrarian. I think what he meant was, don't get confined to academia. Learn on your own and make your own discoveries. Good advice IMO.
  6. Jim teaches a class at Columbia, I believe. It would be dishonest to say he is down on education.
  7. Rogers has a profound Napoleon complex.
  8. Kind of hard not to have one after constantly being introduced as 'that rich guy who used to work for Soros.'

    Probably next to impossible to get out from under that shadow ...
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    The Harvard/Rogers email chain is a time consuming hoax. I have direct knowledge that it is so. :)
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    Actually I read an interview with him somewhere else where he says he regretted being involved and said he shouldn't have responded. Hmmm
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