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  1. Just read some brutal commentary about Jim Rogers on the Amazon page for his new book. For what it's worth, the critic seems pretty angry at Rogers, or perhaps himself, but he did bring up some good points. I don't think we would ever see Soros as a regular on a morning stock-picking show. Is Rogers a fraud? Here is the review:

    "Who says that intelligence is equated with market success? Rogers was a junior partner of George Soros close to 27 years ago. At that time, soros managed a relatively small amount of funds versus what he has accumulated in the past 2 decades. Rogers has been living off of this assumed reputation since then. What did he leave with--$15 million? That pales when measured against the trading legends. Rogers has fared better marketing himself rather than the bottom line success of market performance. I dare say he lives off of his book revenues. I would not be surprised to learn that the extent of his profits is no larger than that pretentious bow tie that he chooses to wear. I would be surprised that he could even find a helmet to wear to cover his oversized head when he drives that psuedo motorcycle he claims he drove around the world. Give this fool a 'D' grade for marketing and a resounding 'F' for true trading performance."
  2. what about his quantom fund ????
  3. i think he may have started it but, but soros was making the calls. this is all speculation. anyone know facts?

    soros is the billionaire, rogers, i think, the millionaire.
  4. i dont know what his trading performance is but he retired young, spends his time trading and traveling the world, recently married a woman half his age and they recently had a baby. we should all be this bad off.
  5. and those, my friend, are good points! he is a success period. f*ck the amazon haters!
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    Maybe Rogers should use some of Soros trading strategy like selling when he gets a back ache. Yes Soros revealed his secret to trading on CNBC, it all has to do with his back aches.
  7. Backaches have been around for so long that I really don't believe that Soros was the first one to come up with this strategy. Selling when you get a headache works even better from what I have heard. Too bad that I rarely ever have either of these aches.
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    I hope you're kidding? Soros wasn't, in fact they advertised him revealing his secret all day before he came on. But besides being a billionaire, Soros comes off as a real idiot in interviews.
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    Geez, sounds like a lunatics rant. Wondering if that post made by Victor Neiderhoffer?

    I assume the poster has'nt bothered to look up Rogers commodity index? http://www.rogersrawmaterials.com/comparativePerform.html . Rogers is one of the few guys from wall st. I respect. Unlike most of the self-proclaimed "gurus" , Rogers lets his performance do the real talking. With 3 best selling books and a hot commodities index, better things could'nt happen to a nicer guy. Definitely not a fake.
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    Anybody who admits to actually listening to what Jim Rogers has to say knows he claims "To be a TERRIBLE TRADER".

    However he appears to be a damn good investor.

    PS. I have never read a paragraph (or heard 50 seconds of speech) from Soros where he did not sound like an idiot.
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