jim rogers reported to be on ET

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  1. i hear that jim rogers thinks very highly of ET, and has been a member of the forum, interacting with fellow traders quite actively.

    if anyone knows what nick he's here under, please let me know. i'm very nervous about this market and would like to check, through ET, what jim is up to. thanks

    this is serious business. if you don't think jim is here, please ignore this message. i'm told he's here
  2. yes he is here, as welll as several other huge names in the business---- but we are sworn to secrecy.


  3. Why bother? He'll tell you to forget about trading and become a farmer. :D
  4. I'll rule myself out from that suspicion. Although I do covet Marc Faber's accent.
  5. i know for a fact bill gross of pimco is here. he said in one interview "ET is a major source of inspiration and quality investment ideas for pimco's leadership."

    he's very modest and does not disclose his identity here. i read his ET posts regularly, he gets a lot of criticism here. but he can be a little confusing.

    that's why i want to look up jim rogers, who is supposed to be here.
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    Getting into farming today on a competitive basis would be quite expensive....

    Even the largest family farms find it difficult to compete....

    It used to be over 70% of the population was agrarian.....now it is less than 1%....and falling....

    And could you imagine what would happen to land prices if even just a few players got serious ?

    The future belongs to the large integrated corporate farms....

    And....family farms got a lot of sympathy in the past....but with large fed deficits.....the family farm argument is not going to get much sympathy....particularly when taxpayers are amortizing some individual's land....
  7. To paraphase Eddie Murphy from back in the day...

    Marc Faber scares the bitches into loving him.

    Why do you think he smiles so much?!!!
  8. who is jack hershey?
  9. Let's have a reference for this interview please.
  10. Sounds to me like you already took up farming... bottomland crops with discrete fencing, slugbait and mouse poison included. Looks like it was a stellar crop for ya, congrats on the potency.
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